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 Blue Eyes

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Lady Illusion

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PostSubject: Blue Eyes   Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:02 am

I want to give fair warning to all that read this thread.

This story contains explicit content with strong visual aids and words. It does have an extensive sex scene as well.
If you don't want to read further, then thats okay. Just visit another part of the Vale and I hope you have a great day.
However, if you don't want to stop here at this warning, then by all means read on.
Feel free to comment in the Critiques, comments and suggestions thread above as I would love honest feedback for this.

Thank you.

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
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Lady Illusion

Female Number of posts : 2116
Age : 30
Location : CrazyTown. It exists. Really. It Does.

PostSubject: Re: Blue Eyes   Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:03 am

Night was not the favourite time of day for Lisa. In fact, she could not have hated it more.

Lisa sat curled up on her bed, clutching the sheet to her body as if in a desperate attempt to shield herself from the dark. She shivered as a gust of wind invaded her room and raised goose bumps on her skin.

Green eyes stared at the closed door as rose red lips parted slightly to allow a single whimper to escape. The pearl drapes billowed inwards again and Lisa's wide eyes turned to stare out into the night.

The darkness seemed to reach in, to drape itself intimately over her prone body. It sighed and slithered over her skin, its cold touch both chilling and intoxicating at the same time. She shivered once more, this time letting the sheet slide to the floor; forgotten as she laid her head back and sighed with a pleasure that was completely at odds with the terror she had felt just moments before.

Her body shuddered and then stretched out. Long, slender, sculpted legs reached down to the bottom of the bed; tiny toes wriggling as if in delight of new sensations. Creamy thighs below a perfectly rounded ass trembled as her back arced with the new sensations coursing through her body. Green eyes were thrown wide once again, lips parted in an 'o' as something foreign and wonderful pulsed through her body.

Slowly, her red polished nails lengthened, her canine teeth mimicking her fingertips as they too elongated and sharpened, framed by deliciously plump, red lips. Green eyes darkened to a much deeper jade as long lashes rose and fell slowly as she blinked through her transformation.

Inside, Lisa screamed. Outside, she just smiled and slipped off the bed, placing her bare feet onto the lushly carpeted floor. She padded to the wardrobe, the drapes sighing with wind behind her. Her lusciously red lips curved into a much more intimate smile as she picked out a single red dress. It slipped over her frame with wicked ease, falling to just below her knees. The satin fabric shimmered in the wan moonlight that now entered from behind the pearl drapery. She let her long, blonde locks fall freely, framing her heart shaped face in dark temptation. Her golden tresses highlighting her slightly slanted eyes, her small, delicate nose and her full, red lips. Sliding into the accompanying black heels was even easier. Using her pouting lips to hide her fangs, the Vampire that was Lisa, left her room and indeed her entire house to prowl the night for her next sexual conquest and soon to be meal.


The streets were dark with the night, the shadows deep in places where mortals dared not tread. Heads turned in her direction as her natural sexual aura was sensed, even by lower beings. She caught the flash of vampiric eyes that looked her over, and just as easily dismissed her. She smiled secretly to herself; it just meant that she had her pick tonight.

And now to find a suitable play thing.

Lisa turned into a dark alleyway, following the brick of the two buildings pressing in on either side of her and soon came to a door. A slender hand lifted up to knock lightly on the metal frame and a slit was opened at eye level. Dark brown eyes stared at her for a moment and the peek hole was slid closed. The door opened soon afterwards.

The curve of her smile was dangerously wicked as she stepped into the Midnight Club. The music hounded her sensitive hearing, but she blocked it off, her eyes searching the dancers and drinkers and flirters for a suitable... partner.

Green eyes met blue and red lips curved up into an even more intimate smile. She walked over, using all her considerable skill to show off her long slender legs with each and every step. She flicked her hair back over her shoulder as she sat down without invitation. She flashed a quick smile and gently touched the other woman's hand.

Blue eyes went wide and then slowly darkened with awakened passion. Lisa smiled even wider, letting her fangs show this time and Blue Eyes didn't even flinch. She was already lost in the promise that was silent in Lisa's dark green eyes and wickedly curved lips.


The apartment unit was dark. Blue Eyes went to switch on a light but Lisa stopped her with a soft touch, "No Love, candles." Blue Eyes nodded and went off to fetch some aromatic candles from her bathroom. For some reason, though she had never done anything like this before, Blue Eyes was excited far more than a simple touch and a whisper could have accounted for.

When she returned with lit candles, Lisa was waiting for her and the sight of the blonde headed beauty instantly dampened the junction between her legs. Her knees began to get weak and she managed a small, nervous smile as she arranged the candles around to best compliment the alabaster quality of the other woman's skin.

Lisa smiled and gently patted the sofa seat next to her, moving over to give the other enough room. It was all right, she could take her time. After all, she had the entire night to have what she wanted.

Blue Eyes hesitated but at another gentle prompt from the woman in red, she settled down next to her. She crossed her legs slightly, feeling the moistness between them and a flitting feeling of surprise sprang into her mind to be chased away immediately by the feel of the blonde woman's hand gently sliding up and down her thigh.

Lisa's lusciously red lips parted slightly as she gave the other woman a small smile. Then she reached up and touched her cheek, tracing the line of her jaw with an extended, red lacquered nail. Leaning in, she tipped Blue Eye's chin up slightly with a single digit and then gently brushed her lips against the other woman's.

Blue Eyes shivered and gave a small whimper. Lisa's lips curved into another wicked smile as she murmured, "That's it Love, I want you wet."

She reached down and slipped a hand beneath Blue Eyes's skirt, travelling up the inside of her thighs and gently forcing her crossed legs open. Blue Eyes gasped as Lisa's questing fingers found their destination. Her clit suddenly burned with pleasure as Lisa flicked her nails over it gently, soon pushing forwards and cupping the Blue Eyes's snatch with a less than gentle hand. Blue Eyes gasped and closed her eyes. "Move for me," Lisa commanded, her voice brooking no tolerance for disobedience.

Without thinking, Blue Eyes began to move her hips against the Vampire's hand. Rubbing her now swollen clit against the other's palm. Sliding her wetness against skin and moaning softly as Lisa cupped her harder, moving her hand in opposite rhythm to her now thrusting pelvis.

Lisa grinned and suddenly slipped her middle digit into Blue Eyes's now dripping pussy. Blue Eyes suddenly arched up, her oceanic eyes opened wide with surprise as she cried out with unexpected pleasure. Lisa kept smiling and placed her other hand beneath the other woman's shirt. She slipped her bra over her nicely curved breasts and pinched the woman's straining nipples. Blue Eyes cried out again.

"Good Love, very good. Do you want more?" her voice was soft and sensual, her tone intimate as she leaned in to whisper in Blue Eyes's ear. Wordlessly, the other woman nodded her head, her sky lightened eyes already glazing over with pleasure.

Lisa slipped another finger into her pussy and grinned with delight as the other woman cried out yet again. She moved her entrenched fingers expertly, swiftly finding the one spot that would drive a woman crazy and ruthlessly attacking it. Blue Eyes was reduced to whimpers.

"Such useless hands," she murmured as she looked down at Blue Eyes's twitching hands. "Take your shirt off..." she commanded and the limp hands obeyed without hesitation. Lisa kept pinching her nipple, rolling the hardened bud between her forefinger and thumb. The shirt was soon discarded and barely remembered. Lisa grinned, "Such a good little girl you are," she whispered and then leant down to bestow a kiss from those full, red lips onto the woman's exposed breast.

Then she wrapped her tongue around the tightened nub she had been teasing with her fingers a moment before. She switched her free hand to the other nipple and proceeded to give it the same treatment, mimicking the movement of her tongue on the woman's rosy bud with her thumb.

Slowly, Lisa began to slide her fingers in and out of Blue Eye's wet pussy, to a chorus of approving moans and whimpers from her victim. Lisa grinned and bore down on the woman's nipples as she slowly started to increase the rate of her sliding fingers. She slipped a third one in and felt Blue Eyes's thighs clamp around her hand in an unconscious attempt to draw her fingers in even deeper.

Lisa growled with pleasure and suddenly slammed her fingers deeply into Blue Eyes's dripping snatch. The other woman made a silent scream of pleasure and Lisa repeated the movement, enjoying the glassy eyed bliss she was watching cross over the other woman's face each time she slammed her fingers into her tight, wet cunt.

Lisa grinned and moved to straddle the woman she was pounding her fingers into. She found that she didn't even care that Blue Eyes still had her skirt on. It made it somehow much, much more fun.

She leaned down and kissed Blue Eyes on the lips, hard enough to crush her soft mouth beneath hers; her tongue lashing out and tasting the delicious sweetness that was on offer. She grinned again, laughing in exhilarated abandon as she began to truly move her fingers inside the writhing woman beneath her. She clamped her legs around Blue Eyes to keep her from escaping her pleasurable torment and grinned even wider and Blue Eyes tossed her head from side to side, her bliss reducing her to incoherent moans.

Lisa ached to taste what she was sure to be sweet juices running down between Blue Eyes's legs but the hunger deep inside her was much too much for her to keep herself from Feeding, and soon.

"I want your fingers, Love." She growled into Blue Eyes's ear and could not help the gasp of pleasure that shot through her as she felt the other woman's strongly seeking fingers find their mark. She moaned, tossing her head slightly and began to move her hips against the fingers now buried deep inside her. She increased the pace of her own fingers even more as she tightened her hold on the woman's breast.

She leaned down and captured Blue Eyes's lips in another passionately bruising kiss; riding the woman's fingers with an abandon that almost terrified her and stroking her own fingers in and out of the dripping wet furnace beneath her faster and faster.

She growled suddenly, growing close to her peak as she let go of Blue Eyes's breast and suddenly snapped the woman's head to one side. In one swift motion, she plunged her fingers deep and felt the muscles of the woman's pussy clamp down on her hand in ecstatic response. She slammed down onto Blue Eyes's fingers and simultaneously sank her fangs into the woman's neck.

The orgasm that rocked her body shocked her to the core. Never before had her senses been so on-fire than this moment in time and her feral growl of pleasure was ripped from her snarling lips as she drank deeply of the Blue Eyes's life and bucked on the slowly slackening fingers.

"Fuck!" She lifted her head just before draining the last drop and gasped as yet another orgasm ripped through her body as she processed the new life blood that coursed within her veins. She grinned, suddenly laughing with a rare, maniacal abandon that surprised her. She blinked and then curved her now redder lips into another grin. "Delicious...." She murmured to herself as she alternated between licking her blood stained lips and her pussy juiced fingers.


Lisa woke the next morning in her own bed, her body naked and shivering for the cold, morning air that gusted through her window with a vengeance. Her eyes wide, she reached down and slowly slid her finger along her pussy, looking with wide eyed terror as her finger glistened wet under the sunlight.

She broke down, curling up in her bed, knowing of what had happened the night before and praying that the soul of the life she had taken had at least been given one final pleasure before departing this world.

Night was not the favourite time of day for Lisa. In fact, she couldn't have hated it more.

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
just to piss you off
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Blue Eyes
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