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 Alatus Vi

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Alatus Vi

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PostSubject: Alatus Vi   Mon Oct 29, 2007 10:41 am

Name: Alatus Vi

Age: 52

Race on Earth: Angel

Gender: Male

Original Universe: Earth.

Slight History: He has a spotty past filled heroic tales of his time in the ‘Service’ and dark rumors of less admirable deeds. The latter seems to have tainted his reputation, giving him the stigma of being a ‘rebel’ and perhaps a bit out of his mind. At the age that he is taken to the Vale, a lot of his harried past of slavery and bad choices had actually lead him down a fulfilling path. A woman and children gave him the stability he’d never had. Treating his body rough had caught up with him, and though young by most standards he’d been prepared to pass the torch….that is until he was swept up to another world. Perhaps this was the one last great adventure he’d secretly hoped for.

Occupation: ‘Retired’ from a life of service, though he still pokes his nose into causes that are no longer his to take care of.


Years in the Vale: 1

Gender: Male

Race in the Vale: Angel (Choir: Malakim)

Age in the Vale: Mid-Twenties.

Personality: He walks that fine line between being brilliant or very much insane. A rather fierce individual at times, most of his fears and inhibitions were beaten out of him long ago. He's more than a tough exterior, having a good sense of humor and a stubborn heart for causes he believes in. On Earth he’d mellowed some with age and the gaining of a tight-knit family…however in the Vale he’s got nothing to tie him down and the wild spirit of youth to urge him forward towards certain death or greatness. Or perhaps a bit of both.

Height: 5' 4" (Perhaps a bit shorter in truth, though taller if you ask him.)

Hair: Black, Shaved short

Eyes: As light a blue as they can be while still having any pigment.

Clothing: A good pair of tall boots and whatever fits, doesn’t have too many holes and made preferably of leather. And isn’t pink.

Weapons: Two gladii (Short, traditional sword of ancient Rome. ) , worn on each hip. The steel blade of each is etched with flowing symbols. The hilt of each weapon is crafted from an onyx stone, inlaid with silver and crafted in the design of a winged woman at its base.

Distinguishing features: The pair of black feathered wings at his back. He also has a smaller pair of the same color, though these only appear when any large amount of ‘power’ is used. Also, as one who’s spent the majority of their life in one kind of battle or another, he has his share of scars. Both physical and mental.

Skills acquired:
Vale Skills
-Enhanced Strength
-Enhanced Sight
-Enhanced Speed
-Enhanced Aural Senses

Angel Skills
-Holy element: Fire
-Holy intervention
-Holy Perception
-Piercing Light
-Aura Perception
-Pathways Sight

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Alatus Vi

Female Number of posts : 205
Age : 35
Location : Somewhere between feeling and reason...

PostSubject: Re: Alatus Vi   Wed Oct 31, 2007 12:46 am

Alright. There's the final draft. ^^
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Lady Illusion

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PostSubject: Re: Alatus Vi   Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:10 am

Alatus Vi,

As requested, your Gladii have been made to your specifications by Erick the Smith. The onyx has been replaced with an unknown but similar mineral that has been found in the Vale.

Verain the jeweller has also given you a present, she will not tell me why but I am obliged to hand it to you.

A simple corded necklace, however a shaped ruby has been placed on the end. It vaguely resembles a winged beast and has tiny emerald eyes.

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
just to piss you off
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PostSubject: Re: Alatus Vi   

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Alatus Vi
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