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 Resource: Assassin Spells

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The House of Ainsley

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The following is the list of spells exclusively available to the Assassin prestige class. As Assassins prefer such mundane yet artful tools as stealth, poisons and weaponry in service to their trade, magic is relegated to a secondary role and consists chiefly of a few Arcane tricks and legerdemain intended to aid--and not to replace--the Assassin's clandestine arts. As such, the assassin's mystic arsenal predominantly invokes Illusion and Abjuration, spells schools which are suited for cloaking the assassin from detection through both mundane and magical means. And though the graceless and ruinous powers of Evocation tend to provoke the same piercing stares and cries of alarm that assassins prefer to avoid, its gentler spells still find some use in the Assassin's craft. A few choice selections from the remaining spell schools (save for the restraining powers of Enchantment, curiously enough) round out the rest of the list.

1st Level
Change Self - Veils the caster's appearance in a limited, glamoured disguise. (Illusion)
Detect Poison - Reveals the presence of poisons or the states of poisoned creatures. (Divination)
Ghost Sound - Creates illusory sounds of the caster's choosing. (Illusion)
Obscuring Mist - Blankets the surrounding area in a thick fog. (Conjuration)
Spider Climb - Grants the ability to walk on walls and ceilings. (Transmutation)

2nd Level
Alter Self - As with Change Self, but its possible disguises are more radical and entirely physical. (Transmutation)
Blade of Pain and Fear - Gives the caster a swordlike weapon formed of many gnashing teeth. (Evocation)
Darkness - Shrouds a 20-foot radius in supernatural darkness. (Evocation)
Pass without Trace - The caster and a number of allies cannot be tracked through mundane means. (Transmutation)
Undetectable Alignment - One subject's Alignment cannot be discerned with Divination spells. (Abjuration)

3rd Level
Deeper Darkness - One object touched casts absolute, impenetrable darkness in a 60-foot radius. (Evocation)
Fangs of the Vampire King - The caster's mouth sprouts vampire fangs, lending the caster a Constitution-depleting bite. (Transmutation)
Invisibility - Hides the subject with temporarily invisibity. (Illusion)
Misdirection - Cloaks the subject in a false aura, deceiving certain Divination spells. (Illusion)
Nondetection - Makes the subject invisible to many forms of Divination, including such items as crystal balls. (Abjuration)

4th Level
Dimension Door - Teleports the caster unerringly within a limited range. (Transmutation)
Freedom of Movement - Allows the caster or one subject to move freely and without restraint, regardless of terrain and magical impediments. (Abjuration)
Improved Invisibility - As with Invisibility, but the spell isn't broken if the subject attacks. (Illusion)
Poison - The caster's touch can afflict someone with withering poison. (Necromancy)

• Some spells (denoted with gray names) are unavailable until knowledge of them is somehow obtained through gameplay.
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Resource: Assassin Spells
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