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PostSubject: Not sure where to post this...   Not sure where to post this... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 5:17 am

But I have a small bit from our homemade "Space Game" to post, here goes...

"Admiral Weyland to see you, Captain-General" The intercom buzzed, static making it less than clear. Nothing seemed to be operating at peak efficiency nowadays. Especially since the government in exile of the United Space Federation has found itself under more and more pressure to resolve the situation back in former Federation space.

The invasion of the Pirate League still left Captain-General Kevin Mourning flustered. How could their intelligence network have failed so completely? Mourning had desperately looked for ways to strike back. Rumors reached his ears of small wetwork operations in Pirate League space; however nothing definitive had arisen on that front.

He still had contacts and control of multiple small strike force flotillas located within Federation space that harassed the League, but the scope of the invading force was too great to make a serious dent with the limited ships still remaining under Federation control. Mourning found himself hoping that the Admirals report would bring good news. It would be a pleasant surprise to receive some of that for once.

"Send him in." Mourning replied into his intercom.

A moment later, Admiral James Weyland entered into Mourning’s office. He was a tall imposing figure. His royal blue military dress uniform pristine, but the admiral had that determined look of somebody out in the field. Weyland was an ideal military man. Well, ideal for the Federation at least. He kept a perfect image of military demeanor while maintaining the ability to think outside of the box. It was that ability to improvise under fire that elevated him to his current rank of High Admiral. The eager look in his eyes told Mourning that something of great import was on his mind. "At ease. What do you have for me Admiral?"

Weyland relaxed slightly, but still had that look of a predator about to pounce. That look used to concern Mourning, but he soon discovered that it was just business as usual for the old man. He had seen so much combat that he almost seemed persistently ready for an attack, even when relaxed and having fun. "Captain-General, we may have made a new technological breakthrough. You are familiar with the technical specs regarding our fold engines, correct?"

Mourning nodded. The fold technology on their Galleon Light Cruisers and Javelin Heavy Fighters was a staple of Federation technology. Other governments had attempted to recreate it, but with minimal success. Fold engines essentially folded space around it to create a field similar to a wormhole that would instantly send a ship from one location to another. The range wasn't huge, but it would typically allow a ship to jump from one star system to the nearest inhabited star system within seconds giving a huge edge in mobility. However, the field generated wasn't large enough to move the huge multiple mile long ships of the other fleets, and when other nations attempted to create generators for their smaller ships, they tended to be larger than was practical. The light rapid response fleet of the USF was perfect for the technology.

"Sir, we have been able to perfect a modification of our fold engines that we might be able to use against the Pirate League." Weyland pushed a datapad with technical specifications on it to Mourning. "With some modification, we have determined that we can create a partial fold field around a Galleon. This will essentially create the signature and radiation effects of a wormhole."

"I see, Admiral," Mourning looked up from the Datapad, "to what end?"

Weyland grinned. Mourning had seen that grin before. Every time that grin accompanied good news for him, and bad news for their enemies. "Captain-General, do you know what a wormhole does to a ship traveling in warp?"

Mourning nodded, warp fields could not be sustained within approximately 2 Billion Kilometers of a wormhole. Ships traveling through a wormhole would have to drop out of FTL and travel on impulse power for three to four hours to reach a wormhole because of this.

"We can now modify our Galleons to emit a field that will pull ships from FTL that travel within range of it."

Mourning immediately put the pieces of the puzzle together. The League has no border with the Federation. To reach Federation space, they have to travel from specific jump points though huge runs of empty space. Searching this space is a horribly slow, monotonous, painstaking process. Criminals and pirates would use these areas to great effectiveness in order to hide. However, if Federation Intelligence was able to ascertain League trade routes through empty space, they could set up ambushes. Hit a convoy with the bulk of their fleet, damage or destroy it and the League would have a nightmare of a time even finding where it happened let alone mounting any kind of defense.

"Eventually the league will respond by sending heavier and heavier guard ships for their convoys." Morning noted skeptically.

"Yes sir, but this will make it expensive for them, and in reality, that’s what we are working towards. Make it too costly to continue occupation of Federation space. They are all about the bottom line. We make our space a bad 'investment' for them and they will abandon it."

"What are the drawbacks to the modifications?"

"Sir, a ship emitting the signal will be unable to use its fold engines for escape for approximately 2 hours after shutting down the field. The modifications are to energy heavy to fit onto a Javelin. It has to be a Galleon. Of course Galleons are fast and mobile and sensor cloaks still work. As long as the Galleon can get out of eyesight before a retreat is ordered, it should survive any encounter. Having a 2 billion klick head start on the enemy doesn't hurt either. The cost in credits for the modification is miniscule. We could modify every galleon in the fleet for practically no cost. If they were larger ships, heat issues would become a problem, but again, our smaller fleet is working in our favor."

Captain-General Kevin Mourning found himself doing something then that he had not done in far too long. He smiled. "Admiral, hit the bastards where it hurts. Dismissed."
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Not sure where to post this...
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