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 The Ancient World

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Weaver of Tales

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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:37 am

"Ah, but of course." Kile said, sensing a possible story in the making. "And where do the legendary Dragon elves fit into this epic?"

"I can fire your blood with passion or leave you sick with bile and revulsion. I raise heroes from the masses and send them to lay low kings and warlords. I will take you to exotic, far-away places, only to leave you in darkness and dispair. I can show you wonderous treasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors to freeze your soul."

"Who am I? I'm your StoryTeller."
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Akaron Corvus
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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:54 am

"We fought him. Alongside many mighty warriors of many races. Riada, True Orc, Dwarfs, Men, even Gnomes. One gnome in particular i remember, Bodrek was his name, By the gods i have never encountered any warrior more fierce. He fell at the Skull ford, Goblin bodies piled around him, pierced by many poisoned arrows. I slew two of the Sanguine King's four horsemen, Fury and Death were they called, at the same battle, but i was taken by the last two, War and Stryfe to the Sanguine Kings Black Citadel." Aryulin said, finishing his Skullsplitter brew, "Another draught my good man, for i do not believe i have tasted its like in many lives of men."
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Always Here But Never Seen

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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:40 am

As Kaylin entered the village of Byway she stopped and pulled out the letter once more and reread it. She knew that the place she had to go was called The Shady Lady but she knew that she did not have to like the fact. She knew by the sound of the name that it was an inn which meant that there would be only a few ways out of the place and it would be undoubtedly crowded. She let out a loud sigh before she moved the reins slightly and let the horse take her to where she had to go.

As soon as she looked upon the place Kaylin let out another sigh and knew that this was not a good place to be. She knew that it was a good place to hide out, that she could tell but it would not be a good place to go about her business. She hated having to do her job in the middle of an inn but she had been told where her assignment was and it was going to be the only chance that she had to find this "person" before it was too late.

After she tied the horse up and took her most prized possessions off it Kaylin walked slowly to the door and pushed it open.

The first thing she noticed was the layout of the place and let out a silent curse. The place was large enough but it was also mak in such a way so that the innkeeper or whoever was behind the bar would be able to see everything, every movement before it happened. Very slowly she pulled the hood of her cloak down over her face as she moved to one of the closest tables.

As she scanned the faces of the people here she knew that the person she was here to kill was not here. That made her let out a silent curse just as a barmaid came to her table.

"Just give me a mug of your finest ale," she said as she continued to look around the room.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:20 pm

Lor appeared to respond to the warmth of the environment rather well, the combination of the bed, the fire and the concerned care of Wraith and Vi relighting the inner fire yet to be put out despite events that would already have destroyed one without so much fight.

With that said, a paid room and now... food? The thought of getting something into her stomach brought with it a brief wave of nausea, but the nagging pull of hunger was quickly resettled since the worst of the fever had past, and despite knowing something weird was going on with this winged individual at her side the offered broth was too good to pass up. So, with one arm kept at her chest to keep the sheet from falling down, the elf leaned forward toward the spoon, the other hand lifting to guard any of the liquid that may fall from her clumsy slurp.

Lor jumped when Vi suddenly spoke, having forgotten all about him during the much-needed meal. Although it took her a minute to swallow past the mouthful of glorious stuff, and to will what little she has had to stay down, she nodded earnestly. “Forgive me, friend... my manners are lacking.” The elf sat back wearily and cleared her throat, appearing embarrassed for the hasty approval of the broth. “And have not yet recovered a clear mind... my companion has thanked you on my behalf, but I fear it is I who owes you sincere gratitude. I cannot offer you very much in return, but surely we can think of someway I can repay you for your help...” Lor kept her gaze straight on Wraith least she get caught up by the stranger's wings again and make it apparent that she has no idea who he is. She is without a clue that the actual hoax is a quick try at a free room, and having been a part of the big wide world outside her protected life for only a short while she fears what is going on is worse than that, naturally.
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Lady Illusion

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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Sun Jan 27, 2008 4:59 am

Wraith smiled warmly, offering another laden spoonful of the still slightly steaming broth. "I'm glad you like it, though you should thank the kitchen mistress for the taste,"

She carefully avoided looking directly at Alatus as well, though the corner of her eye was trained fully on him. He struck her as the crafty sort and she had known enough of them in her time to be wary of them.

She smiled yet again, in a rather motherly fashion, at Lor. "Oh come now, dear. There is no need for that. Simply getting better will be payment enough. Can you tell me anything about what happened for you to get in such a state? I won't know what's wrong with you if you don't?"

She noted that the fever seemed to be clearing, though it was no where near over. 'Mari' at least, seemed lucid enough to help her help herself. Of course, though, Wraith intended to pay for everything herself. Centuries of living did have their advantages when it came to coin.

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
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Alatus Vi

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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:53 am

All of Vi's apprehension that his free room may turn into a free ticket out the door melted away as the Elvish woman mentioned him as her 'companion.'

It was good enough, even if he felt the distrust from both women, he'd given neither anything to put a finger on...and he planned on keeping it that way.

He placed both his arms atop the backrest of the wooden chair, chin resting there soon after as the winged man and his falcon settled. Let it seem that he was at ease now that 'Mari's' fever had passed. Let it appear he cared for more than the warmth of the fire at his back and a roof over his head for a night.

He waved his fingers at the Elf with a tired smile. "Go ahead Mari, you tell the story so much better than I..."
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PostSubject: Re: The Ancient World   

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The Ancient World
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