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 Rolly-Polly Deathmatch #2: Extermination

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The Terminator must fight his way out of a city-sized zombie horde. Who triumphs?
The Terminator
 50% [ 1 ]
The Zombies
 50% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 2

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PostSubject: Rolly-Polly Deathmatch #2: Extermination   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:56 pm

Dagdammit...I should have known that I'd be swamped at work last night. It's First Monday weekend at the end of April, for Crom's sake. Canton's population just quadrupled from all the out-of-towners alone. And I had to print out two tons of Guest Lease Agreements and barbecue dinner packets and whatnot....

So anyway, I have to go to bed now. So here's some amusing little thing that took me a few minutes to pinch out. I even made the poll neverending this time. You're welcome. Smile

Same as the last time, half the battle of a typical Deathmatch is in open debate. State your arguments as logically, eloquently and convincingly as you can in order to support your choice and/or undermine the competition, and may the best combatant win!

Combatant #1

The Terminator
T-101 Series Cyborg and Futuristic Assassin
The Terminator's search for Sarah Connor has led him to the heart of Raccoon City, a city roughly the size of Boulder, Colorado (or Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, for those of you tuning in from the opposite side of the planet). Unfortunately, the Terminator's mission has run into a bit of a snag; a rapidly spreading biological agent has reduced the local citizenry to mindless engines of ruin, and they will converge on any uninfected lifeforms--including the Terminator--with intent to dismember and consume.

At this stage, the Terminator's continued survival is paramount to the mission. Sarah Connor will have to wait.

• Superior strength.
• Durable cybernetic endoskeleton.
• Superior intelligence, full cognition and onboard analysis and computation.
• Ability to pick up practically any weapon and wield it effectively.
• Inability to feel pain.
• Superior accuracy with ranged weapons (even to the point of placing individual shots from full-auto weapons and shooting through opaque barriers with some degree of precision).