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 Heart of Darkness

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Always Here But Never Seen

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PostSubject: Heart of Darkness   Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:17 am

I am called Alic. My least name should not concern you; my nature, however, should. Although I look like one of you, I am in fact not of your kind. My once light brown eyes have been replaced with a deep darkness in which my pain resides. My bronze worked skin has long given way to a pale complexion to which I am eternally bound. I love life more than any person could ever fathom, even though it has escaped me.

I am a Vampire.

But I was not always as I am now.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning to help you understand. It began the night I let a friend into my home.

I was the lord of my own household. I had lands, I had title. I had all that a hero of the kingdom should have. Wealth, power and a family raised under my own roof.
My wife was the light in every day of my life. Joanna made the pressures of lordship shrink and, eventually, vanish. She warmed my war hardened heart and though I would rather have forgotten it, she allowed me to make peace with my past.
It was when Rosalin was born, however, that my life truly became beautiful. She was the reason that I loved each sunrise and sunset. The joy written on her face each and every time she watched the magical orange and pink glow that dominated the sky would make my heart sweet with love and peace.

My family was my life.
And my life was perfect.

Truth to tell, looking back, I realise that I should have seen the signs. I should have known what was coming. I should not have gotten complacent but the fact is, I did.
I had become secure in my routines. I was a man risen to power and even though I had enemies, they were far away and still caught up in the war I had managed to escape.
I rose early, I washed, I broke my fast, I watched the sunrise, I oversaw my household duties and made sure my affairs were in order. I listened to petitioners from my lands, I patrolled, trained my men at arms and even had time to avail myself with Joanna’s more then pleasant womanly charm.

Life was routine. Life was easy. Life was perfect.

There is one thing I must note, however, before I go any further. Though it was the time of war and times were a sometimes hard, an odd occurrence of wild animals pre8ing on livestock, or birds making life hard for the farmers at planting time, but one thing stood out just before that fateful night.
One odd rumour that came to me through many sources throughout my lands. They were complaints of a mysterious person lurking near farmsteads and homes and rumours of people going missing during the night.
At the time, though I did not fully discount the rumours, I felt there was no real danger. They were just wives tales to scare children and keep their husbands close to home at night.

My duty as my people’s liege lord however, bound me to their protection. I sent some armed men to investigate but they reported nothing unusual, although one of my men did disappear during that mission. His name has stayed with me all these years.

Harks; Jon Harks.

The warrior in me, the soldier in me, warned me. That voice, that feeling of dread came and went. Ignoring it has been my single most regretted act.

I should have listened.

It is a tradition – it was a tradition – of our family that we would watch the sunset together. I loved those more simple times with my family; my loving wife and adoring daughter.

I held their hands as we stood in the sitting room, watching the sun fade from the sky.
My lovely Joanna, my dear Rosalin: I am so sorry I did not realise that that would be the last sunset we would watch together; the last sunset we would watch together. I last real sunset that I would ever be able to see.

Our evening meal was ready and served as always once the last rays of the sun disappeared from our view.
This particular night was simple fare, though still fit for a man of my rank. I find I cannot remember the specific dishes, though I do remember the slightly pink face of my head cook as she whispered in Joanna’s ear. A long string of laughter came from my beautiful wife and she took a sip from her goblet, mirth dancing in her eyes as she looked at me over the rim of her cup.

“It seems that one of the dishes for tonight’s eve meal was generously provided by our dear daughter,” she coolly informed me.
Though I may not remember the meal in its entirety, I do recall a particular pie. It had all of my dear Rosalin’s favourite foods in it; steak, wild strawberries and sweet bread filled with cheese.

Joanna’s voice broke through my scrutiny of the fairly lopsided pie, “I also hear that a certain young lady also created quite a mess while whipping up this culinary delight.”
I could not help but chuckle slightly when I noticed Rosalin squirming in her seat.
While being the daughter of an Earl gave her some measure of privilege, I wanted my daughter to grow with a sense of responsibility and respect for others around her.
I smiled and added, “I think it would be best if this young lady stayed away from the kitchens until she is a little older?”

Joanna smiled and I heard Rosalin’s sweet angelic voice as she said, “Yes father.”
I smiled at my daughter, “There’s a good girl.” The cook bowed gratefully and hurried away to her other tasks for the night.
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Heart of Darkness
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