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PostSubject: Resource Topic: Feats   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:35 am

Because the list of Feats available in this campaign is quite extensive, this topic was created in order to keep the numerous Feat-related posts from slowing the momentum of the character creation thread.

(Besides, all of those "Your message is too big" error messages were getting on my nerves, so I just figured I'd divvy them up into bite-sized pieces, type by type, in a thread where I wouldn't have to guess in advance how many posts this was going to take. Take that, itty-bitty character limit....)


In the Dungeons & Dragons 3.x system, Feats are additional abilities which allow players to further customize and augment their characters. Some characters gain additional Feats as perks for certain Races or Classes, but every character gains a new Feat at every third Level (3rd Level, 6th Level, etc.).

The Feats are divided into several types, to help players searching for Feats more pertinent to their characters; only spellcasters will have access to the Metamagic Feats, for example. Pay attention to the requisites for each Feat as well; a mousy cleric with a Charisma of 8 would certainly not have the strong Charisma--and the forceful, commanding personality--demanded by the Daunting Presence feat.

Some Feats also have other Feats as requisites. A fighter can't possibly hope to master the bone-shattering force and masterful strike angles demanded of the Great Cleave feat until he first masters the smaller attack form that is Cleave. One must learn to walk before one learns to run.

Certain character classes begin with certain Feats which come as part of the Class. All fighters, for example, get all of the Armor Proficiency feats for free, just as all wizards (including necromancers and other specialist wizards) come packaged with Scribe Scroll.

† This Feat may be taken as a Fighter Bonus Feat.
‡ This Feat may be taken as a Wizard Bonus Feat.
* This Feat can be found in the supplement Libris Mortis: The Book of Undead
x This Feat can be found in the Ravenloft campaign setting.
1 This Feat can be found in the supplement Song and Silence: A Guidebook to Bards and Rogues

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The House of Ainsley
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The House of Ainsley

Male Number of posts : 2246
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PostSubject: General Feats, Part 1   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:40 am

General Feats

• Acrobatic 1
Your body's coordination is superb, giving you a +2 bonus to all Jump and Tumble checks.

• Alertness
Your perceptions are exceptionally keen, giving you a +2 bonus to all Listen and Spot checks. Spellcasters with familiars gain the benefits of this Feat as long as the familiar is within arm's reach.

• Alluring 1 -- Requisite: Persuasive, Trustworthy
Others feel an inexplicable urge to believe your every word. You get +2 to Diplomacy checks and add +2 to the Save DCs of any of your Bardic Music effects or mind-affecting voice-based spells (such as the Command spell).

• Ambidexterity † -- Requisite: Dexterity 15+
You are neither right-handed nor left-handed, but both. The normal -4 to-hit penalty for wielding a weapon in your off-hand does not apply to you. Rangers gain the benefits of both Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting while wearing light armor or no armor.

• Armor Proficiency (Light)
You are comfortable wearing light armors such as leather armor or padded armor and may perform most tasks without incurring armor check penalties while wearing light armor. Without this Feat, your poorly donned light armor shifts, cuts off circulation or otherwise impedes your movements, making even the most trivial actions difficult.

••• Armor Proficiency (Medium) -- Requisite: Armor Proficiency (Light)
You are comfortable wearing middleweight armors such as hide armor or chainmail and may perform most tasks without incurring armor check penalties while wearing medium armor. Without this Feat, your sloppily secured medium armor shifts and twists without warning, restricting your movement and making even the most trivial actions difficult.

••• Armor Proficiency (Heavy) -- Requisite: Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium)
You are comfortable wearing heavy armors such as splint mail or full plate armor and may perform most tasks without incurring armor check penalties while wearing heavy armor. Without this Feat, the plates of your crudely fitted heavy armor shift, pinch, fall over your eyes and weigh against your limbs, making even the most trivial actions difficult.

• Arterial Strike 1 -- Requisite: Base Attack +4, Sneak Attack
Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, inflicting copious blood loss. You can sacrifice one Damage die from your Sneak Attack bonus to inflict a bleeding wound; the victim continues losing 1 Hit Point per round until the victim is either healed (by either Heal skill or healing magic, including magic abilities such as regeneration) or killed. Bleeding damage from multiple Arterial Strikes is cumulative.

• Athletic 1
Your physical fitness is ideal. You get a +2 bonus to all Climb and Swim checks.

• Back to the Wall x -- Requisite: Base Attack Bonus +2
No matter how gravely your enemies overwhelm you, you'll be damned if you don't take as many of them with you as you can! You gain +2 bonuses to both your attack rolls and your Armor Class when you are at or below 25% of your maximum Hit Points.

• Blind-Fight †
Even without the benefit of eyesight you are a menacing combatant at close quarters. Your prowess at smiting what you cannot see borders on clairvoyance, invisible foes cannot approach you in safety and neither darkness nor fog do much to impede your gallant charge into battle.

• Charlatan 1
You have a talent for fooling people by telling them exactly what they want to hear, giving you +2 to your Bluff and Disguise checks.

• Chink in the Armor 1 -- Requisite: Expertise
Your blade always seems to slip between armor plates and through leather seams. You can take a standard action to study your enemy; for your next single melee attack, your target's Armor Class bonuses from body armor and natural armor are halved, rounding down.

• Cold One x -- Requisite: alive, must have previously lost one or more Levels to Energy Drain attacks
A previous clash with dark forces has left your skin cold and clammy to the touch. Mindless undead will ignore you unless you attack them first. Intelligent undead must pass a Wisdom check at DC 13 to see that you are not undead. And if you are ever left Dying (between -1 and -9 Hit Points), you only lose 1 Hit Point every two rounds thanks to your sluggish blood and slowed metabolism. Alas, your natural healing rate is also halved (rounded down, minimum 1 Hit Point healed per day).

• Combat Casting
You are adept at casting spells in the heat of battle; Even when their blades and arrows draw your blood, you remain a threat to those bow-stringing, sword-swinging simpletons. This Feat nets you a +4 bonus to Concentration checks when casting spells on the defensive.

• Combat Reflexes †
You are swift to punish foes who let their guard down and you can do so mercilessly. With this Feat, enemies may provoke additional attacks of opportunity from you, the number of such attacks bring equal to your Dexterity bonus.

••• Expert Tactician 1 -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Base Attack Bonus +2, Combat Reflexes
Your tactical expertise lures enemies into opening themselves for your strikes. Each round, you can make one extra melee attack against one target in melee range whose Armor Class is denied a Dexterity bonus against your melee attacks for any reason.

• Courage x
You are uncannily fearless in the face of doom, gaining a +4 bonus to all Saves against Fear.

• Dash 1
As long as you are lightly armored or unarmored and bearing a light load, your Speed is 5 feet faster than normal.

• Dead Man Walking x -- Requisite: must have survived either Dying or failing a Save against Horror
A brush with death has left you all too aware that mortality is inevitable, and from that you find the strength--or the emotionless detachment--to face mortal peril with an eerie calm. Upon passing any Save against Fear or Horror, you receive a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws and Skill checks for the rest of the encounter.

• Dodge † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+
You are talented at focusing on one opponent, gauging that foe's movements and dodging his attacks. In battle, choose one enemy; You receive a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class against all attacks from that enemy. Unfortunately, conditions which negate Dexterity bonuses to your Armor Class (ie. being stunned) negate this dodge bonus as well.

••• Mobility † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Dodge
In battle, you skate past your foes and dance between their swinging blades. Moving into, through or out of an enemy's striking distance still provokes attacks of opportunity yet grants you a +4 dodge bonus to your Armor Class against such attacks. This bonus stacks with other dodge bonuses--such as a dwarf's dodge bonus against giants--and the adverse conditions which will cost you your dodge bonuses still apply.

••• Spring Attack † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Dodge, Mobility, Base Attack bonus +4 or higher
You are light on your feet and nimble with your blade. While entering melee range normally ends your movement for that turn, with this Feat you may stride or sprint past an enemy (up to your full total movement distance) and attack him midway through that movement, striking and retreating swiftly enough to deny him an attack of opportunity. This ability cannot be exercised while wearing heavy armor, however.

• Endurance
Your stamina is quite extraordinary. You gain a +4 bonus to checks involving prolonged physical action, whether running cross-country, climbing a mountain freehanded or simply holding your breath for minutes at a time. Undead typically have no use for this Feat, but you never know....

• Ethereal Empathy x -- Requisite: Wisdom 13+
You have the psychic ability to sense the emotions imbued within ethereal resonance, allowing you to home in on haunted places and sinkholes of evil...for better or for worse. Sensing the ethereal is a partial action and can be attempted once per round to sense any ethereal resonance--but not to pinpoint any ethereal creatures--within 30 feet, with a Wisdom check against a DC determined by the resonance's strength. Stronger resonances are more easily sensed, and the most powerful haunts and sinkholes may waive the Wisdom check entirely. Exceptional successes may even allow you to glimpse into the Near Ethereal and perceive whatever ghosts and visions it harbors.

• Exotic Weapon Proficiency † -- Requisite: Base Attack bonus +1 or higher
You are familiar with one of the world's more uncommon or peculiar armaments, such as the nunchaku, the bastard sword, the whip, the repeating crossbow or the dire flail. This Feat is specific to one such type of exotic weapon and allows you to wield that weapon without penalty. This Feat may be taken multiple times, once for every type of weapon (ie. Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Shuriken and Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Two-Bladed Sword are two separate Feats, but you could gain prowess with both shuriken and two-bladed swords by taking both of these Feats).

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PostSubject: General Feats, Part 2   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:42 am

• Expertise † -- Requisite: Intelligence 13+
In your hands, a stout blade can strike away blows and defend you as well as any shield. This Feat has any number of defensive uses, from planting yourself squarely in a doorway and forbiding anyone to pass or holding off the enemy until help arrives. You may take a penalty to your own To-Hit checks and add the same number to your Armor Class as a dodge bonus. For example, you could take a -3 penalty to your own attack rolls while gaining a +3 bonus to your Armor Class. This adjustment may be no greater than either your Base Attack bonus or 5, whichever is lower.

••• Improved Disarm † -- Requisite: Intelligence 13+, Expertise
Your deft strikes can easily knock the weapon from your opponent's hand. With this Feat, attempting to disarm an enemy does not provoke an attack of opportunity and denies your enemy a chance to disarm you in return.

••• Snatch Weapon 1 -- Requisite: Improved Disarm
You can disarm an enemy, then pluck the weapon from the air. If you have a free hand ready and succeed in disarming an opponent, you can grab the tumbling weapon in midair instead of letting it fall. If you can wield that weapon with one hand, you can immediately make a single attack with it (though the usual adjustments for wielding a second weapon in the off hand still apply).

••• Improved Trip † -- Requisite: Intelligence 13+, Expertise
Enemies who engage you in melee have much to fear, for your favored tactic is to send them sprawling to the ground and strike them as they fall. Even with this Feat you only get so many attacks per round but--if you successfully trip an enemy in melee--you may immediately follow through with an attack with the same Base Attack bonus that the trip attack had; The follow-through attack effectively becomes a free attack and does not count against your number of attacks per round. Monks who attain Level 6 gain the Improved Trip feat for free, even if they lack the Expertise feat.

••• Whirlwind Attack † -- Requisite: Intelligence 13+, Dexterity 13+, Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Base Attack bonus +4 or higher
A truly amazing physical feat, you become a living cyclone of whirling blows and singing blades, striking and wounding all within a spear's reach of where you stand. With a full attack action you can forfeit all of your usual additional attacks and instead make one melee attack--at your full Base Attack bonus--against every enemy within five feet of you.

• Extra Music 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music ability
You can draw on your bardic powers more often than most could, and can use your Bardic Music four extra times per day. This Feat may be taken multiple times, with each instance granting four more uses of Bardic Music per day.

• Ghostsight x -- Requisite: must have either survived dying or died and were somehow restored to life.
A brush with death has empowered your soul, leaving you able to perceive creatures in the Near Ethereal. Since the majority of these creatures are ghosts, folklore views this as the ability to see the Dead. Though this Feat is of no use against invisible or astral creatures, your ability to see ethereal beings is limited only by your own visual range. However, this may also leave you vulnerable to these beings' gaze attacks (if any), and this Feat gives no ability to hear or to physically affect the ethereal. Your attunement to the Ethereal Plane also makes you clearly visible to ethereal creatures, who must pass a Spot check (DC 15) to realize that you are not actually in the Near Ethereal at all. Such beings may thus be drawn to you, whether out of benevolence, curiosity, desperation or malice.

• Great Fortitude
You are resolute in body and in mind; You may endure poisons which would kill lesser men, diseases do not infest your blood for long and paralysis is a mere ghost of a threat. All of your Fortitude saves receive a +2 bonus.

• Green Ear 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music, 10+ ranks in Perform
Your bardic music or virtuoso performances have the power to affect plants and plant creatures, which normally are immune to the mind-altering effects of Bardic Music and the Virtuoso prestige class' powers.

• Hamstring 1 -- Requisite: Base Attack +4, Sneak Attack
You can wound a target's legs precisely enough to cripple his or her stride. If you hit with a Sneak Attack, you may forfeit 2d6 of your Sneak Attack Damage to reduce your target's land speed by half, which lasts until the Hamstring wound is healed or until 24 hours pass. Other forms of movement (flying, swimming, burrowing...) aren't affected. Creatures who are immune to Sneak Attack damage (ie. plants, oozes, constructs or undead) are not affected, nor are creatures who have either no legs or more than four legs. Quadrupeds must be hit with two Hamstring attacks to be crippled.

• Haunted x -- Requisite: someone dear to you must have died (and remained dead)
The spirit of a friend, ally or loved one has risen from the grave to watch over you as a geist. This guardian spirit resides in the Near Ethereal, and when manifest may lead your attention to things you may have overlooked, allowing you a second roll against all Search, Spot and Listen checks. The geist can also inform you of anything that happens in your presence while you're asleep or unconscious, or it can offer simple companionship. The geist vanishes as soon as another living, intelligent creature enters the scene. You can summon the geist as often as you want, but each manifestation inflicts 1 point of temporary Charisma damage, as the geist unknowingly draws strength from your will to live.

• Improved Critical † -- Requisite: Proficiency with weapon wielded, Base Attack bonus +8 or higher
You have a favorite type of weapon with which you are greatly familiar, so familiar that your strikes with that weapon become devastating. Choose one type of weapon covered by your Weapon Proficiency feats (ie. a dagger, a battle axe or a shortbow); The threat range for your critical hits with that weapon is doubled. For example, a dagger normally deals a critical hit on a natural attack roll of 19-20...a range of two numbers. But with this Feat, that range improves to four numbers, meaning that the same dagger in your hand would deal critical wounds on a natural to-hit roll of 17-20. This Feat may be taken multiple times, one for each type of weapon (ie. Improved Critical: Dagger and Improved Critical: Halberd are two separate Feats).

• Improved Initiative †
With an utter lack of hesitation and reflexes that border on the preternatural, you are quite adept at getting in the first shot. All of your Initiative checks receive a +4 bonus.

• Improved Unarmed Strike †
Most people are quite helpless when the brigands catch them unarmed. You are not one of those people. Even when unarmed you are treated as an armed combatant, and punching, kicking or headbutting an armed enemy will not grant him an attack of opportunity on you. However, you will get an attack of opportunity against him if he moves into your melee range. All Monks get the benefits of this Feat while unarmed.

••• Deflect Arrows † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike
So swift and true are your reflexes that you may strike missiles aside with your bare hands. Once per round, if at least one of your hands is free and not holding anything, you may make a Reflex save against DC 20 to deflect the missile. Despite the name, this Feat is not limited to arrows; Sling bullets, crossbow bolts, shuriken, thrown spears, thrown vials of holy water and the like may also be turned aside, but truly massive, formless or unusual missiles--such as a Magic Missile, gouts of poisonous spittle or a boulder hurled by a giant--may not be deflected by this Feat.

••• Stunning Fist † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Wisdom 13+, Improved Unarmed Strike, Base Attack bonus +8 or higher
With fist and foot you excel at landing blows on eyes, glands, nerve clusters and other sensitive points, leaving your foes staggering in pain. Declare that you are using the Stunning Fist feat before you make an unarmed attack; An enemy damaged by your blow must then either pass a Fortitude check or be stunned and unable to act or defend himself for one round. The higher your Level and your Wisdom, the less likely your foe will withstand your stunning blows. The focus needed for this Feat is taxing, however; You may only make a limited number of Stunning Fist attacks per day (equal to one-fourth your Level, rounding down) and only one Stunning Fist per round. Naturally, this Feat avails little against creatures which lack vital organs or otherwise cannot be stunned (ie. golems).

• Iron Will
The power of mind over matter is strong with you. This Feat grants you a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws.

• Jack of All Trades 1 -- Requisite: Character Level 8+
You have picked up a smattering of even the most obscure skills. You can use any Skill untrained, including those that normally require training or are exclusive to Classes other than yours. However, you cannot take ranks in such Skills if you normally would be unable to do so.

• Jaded x
You have been hardened against the horrors of the world by cruel experience. You gain a +4 bonus to those rare but critical Saves against Horror.

• Leadership -- Requisite: Character level 6+
Lesser men, women and other creatures will flock to you, providing you with a number of lackeys. The number, type and power of these cohorts and followers depends largely on your Charisma, your Level, your Alignment and factors relating to your reputation; Wantonly cruel leaders attract fewer followers than honorable or benevolent leaders, just as leaders with litanies of triumphs attract more lackeys than leaders whose histories are marred by failure.

• Lightning Reflexes
Your mind and body work in perfect harmony to elude hazards and avoid danger. This Feat grants you a +2 bonus to all Reflex saving throws.

• Lingering Song 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music
Your music stays with its listeners long after the last note has died away. If used to inspire competence, courage or greatness, the effects of your Bardic Music last twice as long in duration.

• Lunatic x -- Requisite: Chaotic Alignment
Your mind and body are strangely tied to the cycles of the moon, leaving you lively and energetic as the moon waxes and languid as it wanes. Your attack rolls, Fortitude saves and Reflex saves receive +1 bonuses when the moon is gibbous and +2 bonuses when the moon is full, but receive -2 penalties when the moon is new. Conversely, all your Will saves enjoy a +2 bonus during a new moon but strain under a -1 penalty under a gibbous moon and a -2 penalty under a full moon; an ungrounded and fiery mind is easily influenced.

• Martial Weapon Proficiency
Similar to Exotic Weapon Proficiency, you choose one type of martial weapon for this Feat (ie. battle axe, short sword, scythe or longbow). Being skilled with that weapon's use, you may wield that weapon perfectly and without penalty. This Feat may be taken multiple times, one for each type of martial weapon (ie. Martial Weapon Proficiency: Longspear or Martial Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Axe).

• Mounted Combat † -- Requisite: Ride skill
A hallmark Feat among cavalrymen, this Feat teaches you how to ride through a skirmish and steer your mount away from danger. Once per round, whenever your horse or other mount is struck in combat, you may make an immediate Ride check to negate the hit; The hit is cancelled and avoided if your Ride check exceeds the enemy's attack roll. In essence, your Ride check becomes your mount's Armor Class if it happens to be higher than your mount's normal Armor Class.

••• Mounted Archery † -- Requisite: Ride skill, Mounted Combat
With a shortbow in your hands and a sturdy beast spiriting you into battle, you aim more truly than most archers on horseback. The normal penalties for attacking with a ranged weapon from horseback are -4 if your mount takes a double move or -8 if your mount is running or galloping, but Mounted Archery halves these to-hit penalties (-2 and -4, respectively). Yes, this Feat covers more than bows and crossbows; Riders wielding slings, darts, javelins or throwing axes benefit from Mounted Archery as well.

••• Trample † -- Requisite: Ride skill, Mounted Combat
With this Feat, even your beast's body becomes a weapon at your disposal. When you attempt to overrun an enemy while mounted, your enemy may not avoid your charge. If you succeed in knocking your enemy down, your mount may make an immediate hoof or claw attack against the felled opponent with the usual +4 to-hit bonus for attacking a prone target.

••• Ride-By Attack † -- Requisite: Ride skill, Mounted Combat
For those riders who prefer mounted melee combat over mounted ranged combat, this Feat is similar to Spring Attack, allowing the horseman to charge past an enemy and strike in passing. Ride-By Attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity and may be used against any opponent within your striking distance, whether that enemy is on foot or mounted (or flying, or swimming, or burrowing, or...).

••• Spirited Charge † -- Requisite: Ride skill, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack
This Feat will make you the envy of any cavalryman, and enemies on the field soon learn to fear your devastating charges. As with all charges, you only get one melee attack, but this Feat makes it a killer; By making a charge with your mount, any blow that you land with a melee weapon will deal double damage. The one exception to this rule is if your weapon happens to be a lance, which will deal triple damage. Saints preserve anyone who gets nailed with a critical hit by a lance-wielding Spirited Charge....

• Multicultural 1 -- Requisite: Speak Language (of the race in question)
You blend in well with members of another race. Choose any one humanoid race other than your own; whenever you meet someone of that race, they are more likely to accept you with open arms, and you gain a +4 bonus to all Charisma-based checks to alter their attitudes towards you (including Diplomacy, Intimidate and the like).

• Obscure Lore 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Knowledge
You are a reservoir of trivia and half-forgotten information. All of your Bardic Knowledge checks enjoy a +3 bonus.

• Open Mind x
A limber mind keeps your sanity resilient. Your Saves to resist Madness receive a +4 bonus.

• Persuasive 1
You could sell a tindertwig hat to a troll. You gain a +2 bonus to all Bluff and Intimidate checks.

• Point Blank Shot †
Your aim with ranged weapons is finely honed, and you receive a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls when using such weapons against any target within 30 feet.

••• Far Shot † -- Requisite: Point Blank Shot
You are an expert at gauging wind, gravity and the weight of your weapon, then angling your trajectory accordingly. With projectile weapons such as slings, bows and crossbows, your weapon's range increment increases to 150% (ie. a 30-yard range increment becomes 45 yards), and the effective ranges of thrown weapons such as javelins, throwing axes or vials of burning oil are doubled.

••• Precise Shot † -- Requisite: Point Blank Shot
With ideal aim and perfect timing you may loose arrows or throw knives into melee without penalty, ignoring the usual -4 penalty that such attacks would normally incur. Allies need not harbor any great fear that your arrows will find their backs instead of your enemy's breast.

••• Rapid Shot † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Point Blank Shot
This Feat grants you an extra ranged attack if you assail the enemy with a full attack action. The extra attack shares the same attack bonus as your first attack for that round, but all subsequent attacks suffer a -2 attack penalty.

••• Shot on the Run † -- Requisite: Dexterity 13+, Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Mobility
A true guerilla warrior, you may attack in the middle of a movement, even allowing you to slip out of hiding, cast your spears and arrows and retreat back to cover. Combined with such other Feats as Point Blank Shot, Far Shot or Deflect Arrows (if using one-handed ranged weapons such as throwing knives), this Feat can make one quite menacing at a distance.

• Power Attack † -- Requisite: Strength 13+
You've come to master a range of attacks with this Feat, including those crushing blows which telegraph themselves from a mile away but will splinter bones if they connect. This Feat allows you to readily sacrifice speed and precision for raw power and brute force, taking a penalty to your melee attack rolls (a penalty which cannot exceed your Base Attack) and applying that same number as a damage bonus if such an attack lands. You could, for example, take a -3 penalty to hit an enemy in exchange for a +3 bonus to your damage roll if the attack lands. This Feat is ideal for dealing with those slow, big, tough monsters who are easy to hit and have scads of Hit Points.

••• Cleave † -- Requisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack
Your blows become powerful enough to catch two enemies in the same swath. If your attack does enough damage to fell an enemy (usually by killing said enemy), you may make an immediate follow-through attack on an enemy adjacent to the one you just dropped. The follow-through attack hits with the same attack bonus as the first attack. You may not travel between the first attack and the bonus attack from Cleave, both attacks must of course be dealt by the same weapon and you may only use Cleave once per round.

••• Improved Bull Rush † -- Requisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack
A bull rush attack is just what you would expect: A charging body check intended to push and shove an enemy away. This Feat allows you to do so with such swiftness and vigor that you avoid provoking the usual attack of opportunity which comes with using an unarmed attack on an armed opponent.

••• Sunder † -- Requisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack
Attacking an enemy's weapon or shield with the intent to damage or break the item normally provokes an attack of opportunity due to the aiming and set-up involved with such an attack. With Sunder, your blows attack with equal power and less gauging, hesitation and rearing away, denying the enemy wielder an attack of opportunity. As insult to injury, he may find himself wielding a broken sword once your Sundering blow lands.

••• Great Cleave † -- Requisite: Strength 13+, Power Attack, Cleave, Base Attack bonus +4 or higher
As the name suggests, this is Cleave's bigger, meaner brother. Great Cleave works exactly like Cleave except that there's no limit to the follow-through attacks and the number of enemies who can be struck and felled in one round; with Great Cleave you could find yourself surrounded by eight orcs and stand a chance--however great or small--of killing them all with one telling 360-degree stroke of your greatsword.

• Pyro 1
You're talented at setting objects--and creatures--ablaze. If you set something or someone on fire by any means (ie. alchemist's fire, tindertwigs, the Burning Hands spell...), the fire does an extra 1 Damage per damage die, and the DC of the Reflex save to extinguish the flames increases by +5.

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PostSubject: General Feats, Part 3   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:43 am

• Quick Draw † -- Requisite: Base Attack bonus +1 or higher
Few foes can ambush swiftly enough to prevent you from taking up arms, for your blades and arrows seem to leap from their sheaths and quivers to pierce the air with startling speed. You may draw any weapon on your person as a free action instead of as a move-equivalent action, provided that the weapon is available at hand; Being able to quick-draw a dagger that's buried at the bottom of your backpack is quite unlikely.

••• Flick of the Wrist 1 -- Requisite: Dexterity 17+, Quick Draw
With a single motion, you can instantly draw a light weapon and strike a grievous blow. If you quick-draw a light weapon (such as a dagger or a handaxe) and attack with it in the same round, you will catch your target Flatfooted (with that attack only). Your Sneak Attack damage bonus and/or the effects of Death Attack--if any--may apply. This Feat only works once per combat.

• Quicker Than the Eye 1 -- Requisite: Dexterity 19+
Your hands can move so quickly that observers don't see what you've done. While under direct observation, you can make a Bluff check as a Move action, opposed by the Spot checks of any observers. If you succeed, your misdirection makes them look elsewhere while you take a partial action. If that action is an attack against someone who failed the Spot check, that target is treated as being Flatfooted against your attack; Sneak Attack or Death Attack may apply.

• Redhead x -- Requisite: Wisdom 11+, must have red hair
Some cultures believe that red-haired people have been touched by the fey, and this superstition bears a kernel of truth. This Feat imparts spell-like abilities; when taking this Feat, choose either one 1st Level Druid spell or two 0 Level Druid spells (orisons); the spell or orisons chosen cannot be changed later. You can cast the spell--or each orison--once per day, and cast them as a Druid equal to your character level, without the need for spell preparation. (Though red hair is a requisite for this Feat, one need not pick this Feat to create a character with red hair.) Can only be taken during character creation.

• Reincarnated x
You possess vague, dreamlike memories of a former life, and with those memories come talents that you've never knowingly learned. Choose one nonrestricted Skill that you do not have as a Class Skill; that Skill will always be counted as a Class Skill for you. In addition, your soul was reborn because it is emotionally tethered to another who has lingered in this world, whether as a lover, a friend, an ally, a relative or an enemy; if this "soul mate" is ever met, he or she will instinctively recognize you, and you'll enjoy a +2 bonus to all Charisma-based checks when interacting with the "soul mate". Can only be taken during character creation.

• Requiem *1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music, 8+ ranks in Perform
Your Bardic Music or Virtuoso abilties can even alter the bleak and jaded minds of the undead, who are normally immune to such mind-altering powers. Alas, undeath is not so easily thwarted nor inspired; the effects of your Bardic Music on undead, however successful, are halved in duration.

• Run
You are swift, capable of outdistancing most bipedal opponents and perhaps even a number of quadrupedal beasts. When running, you move at five times your base speed, not four; While most unencumbered humans run full-tilt at 120 feet per round, you can cover 150.

••• Fleet of Foot 1 -- Requisite: Dexterity 15+, Run
You run nimbly enough to turn corners without losing momentum. When running or charging, you can make a single direction change of 90 degrees or less. (Without this Feat, you can only run or charge in a straight line.) You can't use this Feat while wearing Medium or Heavy armor, nor if your Encumbrance is heavier than a Light Load.

• Shadow 1
You are good at following people surreptitiously, gaining a +2 bonus to all Hide and Spot checks made while following a specific person or creature.

• Shield Proficiency
Any shield--from buckler to tower shield--becomes as an extension of your arm, moving to intercept blows almost reflexively. Without this Feat, your clumsy grip struggles with the shield's balance or laxes and allows the shield to swim and waver on your arm, hindering all actions involving movement and speed.

• Simple Weapon Proficiency
You are capable of effectively striking and wounding with any simple weapon. Unlike the Proficiency skills for Martial and Exotic weapons, the Simple Weapon Proficiency feat alone blankets all simple weapons, so similar are they in wielding. Hence, there is no need to take this Feat multiple times.

• Skill Focus
You're a natural when it comes to utilizing a certain Skill in your arsenal of knowledge. Choose one of your Skills for this Feat; All checks involving that Skill enjoy a +2 bonus. This Feat may be taken multiple times, once per Skill (ie. Skill Focus: Ride and Skill Focus: Move Silently are two separate Feats).

• Spell Focus
For this Feat, choose one School of magic. Any spells you cast from that School are more powerful than those cast by your peers, crumpling resistances and striking victims more truly. Anyone making a saving throw against any such spell cast by your hand suffers a +2 penalty to the Difficulty Class for evading or resisting your spell. This Feat may be taken multiple times, once per School (ie. Spell Focus: Illusion and Spell Focus: Necromancy are two separate Feats).

• Spell Penetration
Your spells phase through defenses or strike more forcefully, shattering mystic shields, slipping past wards and overpowering antimagic to strike your foes. Any creature with spell resistance may resist your spells as usual but does so as if your spellcaster Level were two levels higher, making such resistance more prone to failure.

• Subsonics 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music, 10+ ranks in Perform
Your music can affect even those who do not consciously hear it. You can play so softly that others do not notice it, yet your allies will still gain the usual benefits. Similarly, you can affect enemies or bystanders within range of your song, and unless they can see you playing or have other means of sensing the music and its origin, they cannot locate the source of the effects.

• Toughness
Your pain threshold is high and your hardiness is formidable, allowing you to continue struggling after so many others fall to their wounds. This Feat permanently increases your Hit Points by 3. This Feat may be taken multiple times, permanently increasing your maximum Hit Points by 3 everytime you take Toughness.

• Track
An expert tracker and hunter, you're better able to perceive the subtle clues which indicate your quarry's passage, allowing you to stalk fleeing victims for miles or ferret out the most carefully concealed enemies. Wilderness Lore combines with this Feat quite nicely. All Rangers receive Track as a bonus Feat.

• Trustworthy 1
Other people feel comfortable telling you their secrets. You gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy and Gather Information checks.

• Two-Weapon Fighting †
You're well-versed at battling with a weapon in each hand. Each round, you gain an extra attack with your off-hand weapon, and all to-hit penalties normally invoked by two-weapon fighting are reduced by 2. One could even combine this Feat with Ambidexterity to become even more formidable. Rangers gain the benefits of both Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Fighting while wearing light armor or no armor.

••• Improved Two-Weapon Fighting † -- Requisite: Two-Weapon Fighting, Ambidexterity, Base Attack bonus +9 or higher
At this point, your prowess at dueling with two weapons evolves from formidable to terrifying. This Feat allows you to take a second extra attack per round with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a -5 to-hit penalty. Rangers who meet the Base Attack requisite may take this Feat without meeting the other requisites, but may then only use this Feat while wearing light armor or no armor.

• Voice of Wrath x
Whether as a hallmark of your mystic heritage, a power of your innocence and virtue or a byproduct of the depths of evil to which you have sunken, the unseen forces of vengeance heed your command to scourge your enemies in your times of direst need. You receive a +4 bonus to all Curse checks, when applicable.

• Weapon Finesse † -- Requisite: Proficient with weapon wielded, Base Attack bonus +1 or higher
Your blows in hand-to-hand connect and wound not through the power of brute force but through the grace of deftness and precision. This Feat may be used whenever you wield any light melee weapon, a rapier or a spiked chain (if Medium size or larger); Large weapons or two-handed weapons may not benefit from Weapon Finesse. With this Feat, you may apply your Dexterity adjustment instead of your Strength adjustment to hit enemies in melee. Obviously, this Feat is of little use to someone whose Strength eclipses his Dexterity, and carrying a shield in your other hand will impose the shield's armor check penalty on your attack rolls. This Feat may be taken multiple times, one for each weapon (Weapon Finesse: Sickle and Weapon Finesse: Whip are two separate Feats).

• Weapon Focus † -- Requisite: Proficient with weapon wielded, Base Attack bonus +1 or higher
This Feat is specific to one type of weapon, such as a great axe. Alternately, pugilists may choose "unarmed strike" for this Feat's weapon, wrestlers may choose "grapple" and mages may choose "ray" (to give truer aim with ray spells such as Ray of Frost or Ray of Enfeeblement). You gain a permanent +1 to all attack rolls with the Feat's chosen weapon. This Feat may be taken multiple times, one per weapon (Weapon Focus: Grapple and Weapon Focus: Morningstar are two separate Feats).

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PostSubject: General Feats, Part 4   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:45 am

• Corpsecrafter *
The undead you create through necromantic arts--arcane or divine--are unusually mighty and durable, gaining a +4 enhancement to Strength and +2 Hit Points per Hit Die.

••• Bolster Resistance * -- Requisite: Corpsecrafter
The undead you raise or create are more bedeviling foes for clerics and paladins, enjoying a +4 bonus to their resistance against all attempts to turn the undead.

••• Deadly Chill * -- Requisite: Corpsecrafter
A palpable chill seeps into the air around your corporeal undead creations, so close are they to the grasp of eternal darkness. Their natural weapons gain an additional 1-6 points of Cold damage.

••• Destruction Retribution * -- Requisite: Corpsecrafter
With your powers you can infuse your undead with a necromantic "time bomb," unleashing a small explosion of dark power upon the undead creature's death. The burst of negative energy has a 10' radius and, of course, heals any undead within the blast (except for the exploding creature, of course) as it harms most everything else.

••• Hardened Flesh * -- Requisite: Corpsecrafter
Your undead creations are more thick-skinned and resistant to harm, receiving a +2 natural armor bonus to Armor Class.

••• Nimble Bones * -- Requisite: Corpsecrafter
With this power, your creations spring into undeath with greater speed than they enjoyed in life. Any undead you create have a +4 bonus to initiative and a 10-foot increase to their base land speed.

• Daunting Presence †* -- Requisites: Charisma 13+, Base Attack Bonus +1
So frightening is the air of your appearance that you may take a standard action to awe an opponent, who will be shaken for 10 minutes upon failing a Will save to resist your menacing gaze.

• Enduring Life *
This Feat grants the living resistance to the life-draining powers of the undead. When struck with negative levels, Enduring Life allows the living character to delay the dolorous effects of the level drain (such as reduced attack rolls and lost spells) for a number of minutes equal to his or her Constitution bonus. Characters with average or low Constitutions gain no benefit from Enduring Life, and undead cannot take this Feat for obvious reasons.

••• Lasting Life * -- Requisites: Endurance, Enduring Life
So unyielding is your lifeforce that you may cast off negative levels by force of will alone. So long as you have negative levels (usually the result of a more powerful undead's life drain), you may attempt a Will save every round to negate one negative level. Failing the Will save means that no lost levels are recovered, but you can always try again next round.

• Empower Turning * -- Requisite: Ability to turn or rebuke undead
As a more potent channel for divine power, your attempts to turn or rebuke undead result in greater yields. After determining the total number of undead you could normally turn or rebuke (after factoring in your effective Class levels and Charisma modifier), multiply the result by 150%.

• Ghost Scarred * -- Requisite: Knowledge (Religion) 8 ranks or higher
You are no stranger to the predations of spectres, the fright of a ghost's touch and the numerous torments inflicted by other such lost, tormented souls. Against incorporeal undead, you gain a +2 insight bonus to attack and damage as well as a bonus of +2 to all saving throws made to resist their spells or supernatural powers.

• Graft Flesh * -- Requisite: Heal 10 ranks or higher
A truly freakish Feat, your ability to stitch body parts together breaches the realm of the Frankensteinian. One type of creature must be specified when taking this Feat: Aboleth, beholder, fiend, illithid, undead or yuan-ti. For any type besides beholder or undead grafts, you yourself must be a creature of that type (ie. only an illithid could learn to graft illithid parts onto other bodies). Thereafter, you can prepare and create grafts of body parts pertaining to your graft type, bestowing a new additional power--and a grotesque, alien appendage--onto your subject's body. Replacing living hands with ghoul hands or adding a functional beholder eye stalk to the base of somebody's neck would not be beyond the reaches of your cruel and deranged arts.

• Heighten Turning * -- Requisites: Charisma 13+, Extra Turning
With proper discipline, you may turn or rebuke undead who would normally be too powerful to submit to your efforts.

• Improved Toughness * -- Requisite: Base Fortitude save bonus +2 or higher
As a person made of sterner stuff, you gain a number of Hit Points equal to your Level or Hit Dice. You will also gain an additional Hit Point for every Level you gain, but health is fickle at times; losing a Level will cost you an additional permanent Hit Point as well.

• Mother Cyst * -- Requisites: Spellcaster Class, Knowledge (Religion) 2 ranks or higher
Whether by happenstance or by your own design, your body has contracted a mother cyst, a lump of undead tissue resident within your living flesh. Having a mother cyst in your body allows you to afflict other bodies with necrotic cysts and manipulate them through exceptionally horrid necromantic means. Without this Feat, characters cannot learn or cast necromancy's flesh-corrupting Necrotic Cyst spells. But with the Mother Cyst, all available Necrotic Cyst spells are empathically learned from communion with one's mother cyst, removing any need to commit these spells to a spellbook and allowing these spells to be prepared from memory.

• Necromantic Presence *
Your dark presence infuses all of your nearby undead minions, steeling their resolve. Any undead you create receive a +4 bonus to their turn resistance as long as they are within 60' of you.

••• Necromantic Might * -- Requisite: Necromantic Presence
With powers more evolved than those of Necromantic Presence, the very bodies of your undead servants are physically inspired by your commanding necromantic aura, granting them a bonus of +2 to their attack rolls as well as +2 to their saving throws.

• Necropotent †* -- Requisites: Fighter level 4+, Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, Weapon Specialization with selected weapon
A boon to any vampire slayer or ghost hunter, this Feat makes the mystically empowered blows of one's favored weapon land with greater force on the bodies and souls of the undead. Your fighter gains a +4 bonus to all damage rolls when attacking undead with one of his or her weapon specializations.

• Quicken Turning * -- Requisite: Ability to turn or rebuke undead
With this Feat, clerics, paladins and the like may turn or rebuke undead with a moment's thought. Though you may still only turn or rebuke undead once per round, this ability may be done as a free action instead of a standard action.

• Stitched Flesh Familiar * -- Requisite: Ability to acquire a familiar, ability to cast three or more Necromancy spells
Rather than beckon a standard living familiar, those sorcerers and wizards inclined towards necromancy may instead create a stitched flesh familiar--an undead familiar composed in a Frankensteinian manner from the body parts of several similar creatures. A stitched flesh familiar enjoys increased durability and is subject to the strengths and weaknesses common to all the undead yet does not grant its master the usual special abilities for its animal type (ie. a stitched flesh toad would not have any power to increase the Constitution of its master); Instead, the familiar grants its master the ability to control four more Hit Dice worth of undead through any available means, be they necromancy, magic items or the ability to rebuke undead.

• Tomb-Tainted Soul * -- Requisite: Non-Good Alignment, cannot be undead
The power of unliving darkness has corrupted your living soul. A perverse creature, the polarity of your metaessence is reversed: Positive energy (as found in typical healing magic) will harm you or destroy you, but negative energy will heal you and perhaps even keep you from death.

••• Tomb-Born Fortitude * -- Requisites: Non-Good Alignment, Tomb-Tainted Soul
The deepening power of undeath now corrupts your living flesh and bone, casting your skin in a deathly pallor. The visceral infusion of undeath also grants you a 25% resistance to critical hits as well as a 25% chance of negating the increased damage of a sneak attack, should a skulking rogue ever land such a blow on you. And death from the trauma of massive damage becomes impossible.

••• Tomb-Born Resilience * -- Requisites: Non-Good Alignment, Tomb-Tainted Soul
With this Feat, the twinge of undeath creeps through the channels of your mind and the blood in your veins. You benefit from a +2 bonus to all saving throws against poison, disease and attacks which influence the mind. As an unpleasant side effect, your nails turn yellow, brittle and rotten, lending your hands and feet an unsettling appearance.

••• Tomb-Born Vitality * -- Requisites: Non-Good Alignment, Tomb-Tainted Soul
So extensively has your body been altered by undeath's black touch that you no longer need to eat or sleep, and spells which normally induce sleep will fail against you. If you are a spellcaster, you will still require eight hours of rest to ease your mind, though you do not sleep.

• Undead Leadership * -- Requisites: Character Level 6+, non-Good Alignment, Knowledge (Religion) 1 rank or higher
As with the Leadership feat, you have a propensity for attracting followers. Unlike the Leadership feat, those followers are typically found among the undead. You attract followers and a cohort as if you had taken Leadership, but your leadership score is considered 2 points higher for attracting undead and 4 points lower for attracting the living.

• Unquenchable Flame of Life *
A veteran of skirmishes with the undead, you can better resist and prepare yourself for their supernatural attacks. You gain a +2 bonus on all saves against the undead's special abilities, such as charm or life drain. Alternately, if you are a ranger with undead as a favored enemy, your bonus on saving throws is instead equal to your favored enemy bonus against undead.

• Vampire Hunter * -- Requisite: Knowledge (Religion) 6 ranks or higher
Steeped in the lore gathered by many generations of vampire hunters, you are better trained to identify the subtle clues leading to a vampire's presence and are more steeled to resist the vampire's dominating gaze. Vampires cannot dominate your mind with their gaze, and you can take a move action to unerringly determine whether a vampire or vampire spawn is within 30 feet of you.

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PostSubject: Item Creation Feats   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:46 am

There are also Item Creation Feats, which are exclusive to spellcasters. With these Feats, the spellcaster may attempt to create magic items or--in the case of certain less disposable types of magic items--repair or salvage magic items which have been damaged or destroyed. Creating or mending these items can be exhausting, time-consuming and demanding on the creator, but the fruits of such arcane labors are usually well worth the effort.

Note that the requisites for these Feats hinge directly on the level(s) of your character's spellcasting Classes. A multiclassed 5rd-level Fighter/3rd-level Sorcerer would be an 8th-level character overall but would not be able to learn how to craft a Warhammer of Disruption or a Wand of Magic Missiles, as he is only Level 3 in a spellcaster class. And Tilliana and Antinidia--fifth-level spellcasters--could learn how to craft magical weapons, armor and wands but are still quite a ways away from crafting and enchanting a Staff of Charming or a Ring of Invisibility.

Item Creation Feats

• Brew Potion ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 3+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create simple magical potions such as a Poition of Haste or a Potion of Cure Light Wounds. More powerful potions demand greater investments but may typically be brewed within one day.

• Craft Magic Arms and Armor ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 5+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create or repair enchanted weapons and armor such as a Dagger of Venom or a Shield of Fortification. More powerful weapons, shields or suits of armor will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Craft Rod ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 9+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create magical rods such as an Immovable Rod or a Rod of Lordly Might. More powerful rods will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Craft Staff ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 12+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create potent and versatile staffs such as a Staff of Swarming Insects or a Staff of Power. More powerful wizard staffs or priest staffs will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Craft Wand ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 5+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create sorcerous wands such as a Wand of Magic Missiles or a Wand of Searing Light. More powerful or exotic wands will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Craft Wondrous Item ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 3+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create or repair such wondrous arcane trinkets and devices as Daern's Instant Fortress or a Deck of Many Things. More powerful wondrous items will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Forge Ring ‡ -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 12+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create or repair empowered magical rings such as a Ring of Counterspells or a Ring of Elemental Command. More powerful rings will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.

• Scribe Scroll -- Requisite: Spellcaster level 1+
This Feat allows the spellcaster to create spell-bearing scrolls such as a Scroll of Levitation or a Scroll of Unholy Aura. Scrolls invested with more powerful spells or magical effects will demand more time, more research and greater costs to create.
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PostSubject: Metamagic Feats   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:47 am

Then there are Metamagic Feats, which are also exclusive to spellcasters. With these Feats, the spellcaster has learned ways of manipulating incantations and altering the flow of magic to augment the casting of spells in certain ways. Not all Metamagic Feats are compatible with all spells; It's impossible to Extend a Magic Missile's instantaneous duration, for example, but Enlarging its range or Maximizing its damage are trivial matters for a proficient mage.

Note that the process of augmenting the spell's effects involves preparing or studying the spell as if it were a spell of a higher level. For example, Still Spell bumps the affected spell's level up by one level, so a wizard who wished to Still a 1st-level Magic Missile spell while preparing her daily spells would prepare that Magic Missile as one of her 2nd-Level spells. These Feats may be able to stack as well; For example, Silent Spell also increases the affected spell's level by one, so if that same wizard wanted to be able to cast Magic Missile while standing perfectly still and quiet (removing any need for both the verbal and somatic components of the spell's casting), the Stilled and Silent Magic Missile would occupy one of her 3rd-level spell slots. The spellcaster's spell slots must also be considered here; A wizard who can cast third-level spells or lower would not be able to use Still Spell with Fireball (normally a third-level spell, but would fill a fourth-level spell slot if Stilled), as the wizard is unable to cast fourth-level spells.

Metamagic Feats

• Disguise Spell 1 -- Requisite: Bardic Music ability, 12+ ranks in Perform
You know how to work your incantations into your song and dance, fooling observers into believing your spellcasting to be part of the act. A Disguised spell cannot be identified by Spellcraft, and unless the spell visibly emanates from you, its source will be a mystery to observers. Disguised spells are prepared as if they were one Level higher (ie. a Disguised Cause Fear spell--normally a 1st Level Bard spell--would take up one of your 2nd Level spell slots).

• Empower Spell ‡
This Feat teaches you the augmentation of your spell power. With this Feat, all spells with a variable numeric effects have these effects increased by half; Harmful spells inflict 150% of their normal damage, and healing spells restore Hit Points to the wounded 150% more efficiently. Empowered spells are prepared as if they were two levels higher (ie. a Magic Missile--normally a 1st Level Sorcerer/Wizard spell--would take up one of your 3rd Level spell slots if Empowered).

• Enlarge Spell ‡
With this Feat, your spells achieve double their usual range, be they line-of-attack spells, point-blank area of effect spells or cone-effect spells. Cone-effect spells such as Fear have the volumes of their cone effects increased proportionally. This Feat does not increase the radii of ranged area of effect spells such as Fireball or Circle of Death; Only the spell's range is doubled. Enlarged spells are prepared as if they were one level higher.

• Extend Spell ‡
This Feat allows your spells to be more self-sustaining, doubling their durations; A spell which would normally expire after one day would instead expire after two days if so prepared. Instantaneous spells (ie. Lightning Bolt), permanent spells (ie. Modify Memory) or spells whose durations are sustained by the spellcaster's concentration (ie. Telekinesis) may not be altered by this Feat. Extended spells are prepared as if they were one level higher.

• Heighten Spell ‡
With this Feat, you may prepare and cast a spell as if it were of a higher spell level (your choice); All spell effects directly related to the spell's level (ie. saving throws, counterspells, et cetera) are adjusted accordingly. For example, a third-level Fireball Heightened into a fifth-level spell would, for all purposes and effects, be a fifth-level spell and would hence enjoy the benefits of being a fifth-level spell; Enemies would make their saves to lessen the Fireball's damage with increased chances of failure, the Fireball would more easily penetrate a Minor Globe of Invulnerability and a Ring of Spell Absorption capable of consuming and negating fourth-level spells or weaker could absorb a normal Fireball but could do nothing against your Heightened fifth-level Fireball.

• Maximize Spell ‡
With this potent Feat, a spell's numeric variables would be maximized. A spell which would normally deal 1-10 points of damage would deal nothing less than 10 damage if Maximized. Maximized spells are prepared as if they were three levels higher.

• Quicken Spell ‡
This powerful Feat allows you to cast a spell with a moment's thought. A Quickened spell is cast as a free action, allowing the mage to take another action that round (including casting another spell). Only one Quickened spell may be cast in any given round, and a spell with a casting time greater than one full round (ie. Create Food and Water, which takes 10 minutes to cast) cannot be Quickened. Quickened spells are prepared as if they were four levels higher.

• Silent Spell ‡
As the name suggests, a Silent spell can be cast silently, with no need for verbal components. Spells which normally don't have verbal components cannot be altered by Silent Spell. Silent spells are prepared as if they were one level higher. Note: Bard spells cannot be altered by this Feat.

• Still Spell ‡
This Feat grants a spellcaster the means to cast spells without gestures, prestidigitation or other movements of the spellcaster's body, removing the need for a spell's somatic components. This Feat cannot be applied to spells which are normally cast without somatic components. Stilled spells are prepared as if they were one level higher.

• Energize Spell ‡* -- Requisites: Non-Evil Alignment, no ability to rebuke undead
Armed with the power of righteousness, you may channel positive energy into your spells. Any damaging spell so Energized deals an extra 50% damage to undead and other creatures harmed by positive energy, yet creatures and objects which are normally unharmed by positive energy receive only half damage from Energized spells (so a Fireball which hits for 30 points of damage would instead deal 45 damage to a ghoul and 15 damage to a halfling caught in the blast). Energized spells are prepared as if they were one level higher.

• Enervate Spell ‡* -- Requisites: Non-Good Alignment, no ability to turn undead
With your very metaessence steeped in corruption, you may channel negative energy into your spells. Any damaging spell so Enervated deals an extra 50% damage to the living, yet undead, constructs and objects receive only half damage from Enervated spells (so a Fireball which hits for 30 points of damage would instead deal 45 damage to a paladin and 15 damage to a vampire caught in the blast). Enervated spells are prepared as if they were two levels higher.

• Fell Animate ‡*
You wield the power to instill undeath through magic in its many forms. You may alter damage-inflicting spells with this Feat; Any living creature subject to being animated as a zombie will be promptly animated as a zombie under your control should your Fell Animating spell kill that creature. Multiple victims can be slain and animated by a Fell Animating spell with an area of effect, but the player cannot create or control a number of Hit Dice exceeding twice the player's spellcaster level. Fell Animating spells are prepared as if they were three levels higher.

• Fell Drain ‡*
The dark power of your rites or incantations can be engineered to sap the lifeforce from the living. This Feat can alter damage-dealing spells so that anyone wounded by the spell will also suffer a level drain. As always, victims perish if the negative levels they suffer defeat their total Levels or Hit Dice (though there's no chance of such victims returning as undead). The negative levels wear off after a number of hours equal to the caster's spellcaster level (or 15 hours, whichever is lower). Fell Draining spells are prepared as if they were two levels higher.

• Fell Frighten ‡*
The living's fear of oblivion can be channeled to taint any baneful spell which leaves your hand. Any victim struck and damaged by a Fell Frightening spell also becomes shaken for one minute, provided the victim is subject to fear effects and mind-affecting powers. Fell Frightening spells are prepared as if they were two levels higher.

• Fell Weaken ‡*
The arcane elements to undoing an enemy's physical strength can be easily worked into many harmful magicks, and you're familiar with such alterations. Any creature which takes damage from a Fell Weakening spell also loses 4 points of Strength for one minute. Fortunately for your victims, Strength losses from multiple Fell Weakening spells do not stack. Fell Weakening spells are prepared as if they were one level higher.

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PostSubject: Divine Feats   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:51 am

Where undead proliferate, champions of the gods are never too far away. Holy gods and evil gods alike vest their interests in clerics, paladins, blackguards, sacred purifiers, masters of shrouds and other such living vessels; Such mortals may share particularly potent connections to their patron deities, and greater blessings--or profanities--are theirs to claim. The Divine Feats below represent some of the many ways that those touched by the gods may become so empowered. The undead should watch such divine champions carefully; Holy champions will threaten them with destruction, while unholy champions will threaten them with domination...or, perhaps, will instead ally with the undead and forge them into the truest champions of darkness.

Divine Feats

• Divine Accuracy * -- Requisite: Ability to turn or rebuke undead
Through this Feat may divine power--whether holy or profane--guide the hands of you and your allies against all incorporeal foes. By expending one of your daily attempts to turn or rebuke undead, you and any allies within 60' of where you stand gain one minute of focus in which melee blows land more truly on spectral forms; Any attack which misses due to the enemy's ethereal state--but which would hit otherwise--may be rerolled, once per any attack missed in this manner.

• Profane Lifeleech * -- Requisite: Ability to rebuke undead
Your veins course with dark, parasitic energy from beyond. You may expend two of your daily attempts to rebuke undead in order to drain the lifeforces of all living creatures within 30 feet, be they enemy, friend or other. Every creature so harmed loses 1 to 6 Hit Points from the lifeleech, and these stolen Hit Points are immediately transferred to you. There is no set maximum number of victims who can be affected; The more you harm, the more you gain. Your Hit Points may not exceed their maximum through the use of this dark power, and the lifeless bodies of undead and constructs are immune to the lifeleech.

• Profane Vigor * -- Requisites: Charisma 11+, ability to rebuke undead
A friend to the undead, you have the power to refuel their bodies with the power of the eternal darkness. By expending one daily rebuke attempt, you may heal one undead creature within 60 feet for two Hit Points per each of your cleric levels. As always, the undead creature so mended may not be healed beyond his, her or its maximum Hit Points.

• Sacred Vengeance * -- Requisite: Ability to turn undead
The power of righteousness is your sword; May the blasphemous undead crumble beneath your castigations. Expend one daily turn attempt to channel holy energy into all of your melee strikes for one round, dealing 2-12 additional points of damage with each blow that lands. The extra damage is not considered damage from positive energy, simply the deeper wounds from a righteous blow struck more soundly and true.

• Sacred Vitality * -- Requisite: Ability to turn undead
The power of perseverence is your shield; May the horrid magicks of the undead prevail not against you. Each daily turn attempt expended for this Feat grants you one minute of perfect immunity to ability damage, ability drain and energy drain.

• Spurn Death's Touch * -- Requisite: Ability to turn undead
The sacred power invested in you may purge afflicted bodies of the crippling powers of the undead. With this Feat you may expend one turn attempt to lay hands on an ally and either heal 1-4 points of ability damage, remove paralysis or remove one negative level from energy drain. This may only cure or heal such maladies if they were inflicted by an undead creature; Spurn Death's Touch could remove the paralysis inflicted by a ghoul's touch but could not affect paralysis inflicted by a Hold Person spell.
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PostSubject: Monstrous Feats   Resource Topic: Feats Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 6:53 am

For the more inhuman characters, there exist Monstrous Feats. These Feats are typically limited to patently supernatural beings, whether undead characters or characters with a monstrous form, one that is either occasional (ie. lycanthropes) or constant (ie. mind flayers). Many of the following Feats are the providence of the undead alone, though exceptions may be made; A necromancer who hacks off her own arm and grafts a lich's arm in its place could almost certainly expect to harness terrifying supernatural power from the ordeal...monstrous Feats, for a monstrous deed.

Monstrous Feats

• Baleful Moan * -- Requisites: Incorporeal undead type, Daunting Presence
The bleak, hollow resonance of your cry strikes dread into the hearts of the living. You may emit a moan as a standard action. All living creatures within 30 feet of you who hear your moan must pass a Will save or become shaken for one minute; Anyone who does pass this save bolsters their resolve against you and becomes immune to your Baleful Moans for the next 24 hours.

• Contagious Paralysis * -- Requisites: Undead, paralysis as an extraordinary or supernatural ability
The paralysis you inflict is not static, but is instead lasting and capable of being passed onto others. Any creature who touches a victim paralyzed by your powers is immediately affected just as if you had attacked that person yourself. But if the victims of such transmitted paralysis successfully saves against your paralytic attack by proxy, they become innoculated against it and will become immune to your paralysis for 24 hours. Standard immunities to paralysis (such as what elves enjoy) apply to Contagious Paralysis as well.

• Corrupted Wild Shape * -- Requisites: Undead, wild shape class feature.
You can manipulate the necromantic energy which fuels your body to such a degree that you have overcome the undead's inability to wild shape. You may shapeshift just as if you were a living creature, but your altered form will reek of undeath and decay; Patches of fur or scales peel away and fall from your body, bones jut through holes rotted through your skin and the omnipresent stink of decomposing flesh hangs over you.

• Death Master * -- Requisites: Undead, Charisma 13+, Daunting Presence, Base Attack bonus +1
When you land an exceptionally grievous blow, your victim feels its trauma both as physical pain and psychological shock. Anytime your melee weapon lands a critical hit on a living opponent, that enemy is also shaken for one minute. This effect is treated as a mind-affecting fear attack, subject to the standard resistances and immunities.

••• Eviscerator * -- Requisites: Undead, Charisma 13+, Death Master, Daunting Presence, Improved Critical, Base Attack bonus +1
Living foes know the taste of horror as they witness the terrible blows with which you cleave their allies. Whenever you land a critical hit in melee against a living foe, all of your victim's living allies within 30 feet are also shaken for one minute. This effect is treated as a mind-affecting fear attack, subject to the standard resistances and immunities.

• Empowered Ability Damage * -- Requisites: Incorporeal undead type, Charisma 11+, supernatural ability to drain or damage Ability scores
Whether by innate power or the focus which comes with experience, your spectral powers tear into the victim's body and soul with more horrific results. Increase all variable Ability damage amounts you inflict by 50%; An allip attacking with this Feat, for example, would reduce a victim's Wisdom by 2 to 6 points, rather than the usual 1 to 4.

• Endure Sunlight * -- Requisite: Sunlight-related weakness or powerlessness
Such is the depth of your inner darkness--or, perhaps, an enduring affinity with the light--that it may even hold the purest light at bay, whether to maintain your fullest strength or to stave off your destruction beneath the sun's killing rays. This Feat allows you to withstand all dangerous effects of exposure to sunlight for a number of rounds equal to 1 plus your Charisma modifier (one round minimum). If you are still caught in the sunlight when this duration expires, the sun's crippling or fatal effects occur normally. For example, a vampire possessing this Feat and a Charisma of 14 (+2 modifier) could walk outdoors into the sunlight and function normally for three rounds, but if he is foolish enough or hapless enough to still have the sun shining on him after that, he would be struck with disorientation on the fourth round and collapse in a shower of ashes and bones on the fifth round, as usual.

• Ghostly Grasp * -- Requisites: Incorporeal undead type, Charisma 13+
Your focus is potent enough to allow you to interact with solid obects in the living world, even from beyond the grave. With this Feat you can wear, wield, manipulate or otherwise use corporeal items as if you had a physical presence or form.

• Improved Energy Drain * -- Requisites: Charisma 15+, energy drain supernatural ability
The negative power of your dark, corrupted soul laps at the lifeforces of the living with greater ferocity. Whenever you inflict a negative level on another creature, you receive a +1 bonus to all Skill checks, Ability checks, attack rolls and saving throws for one hour.

••• Spell Drain * -- Requisites: Charisma 15+, spellcaster level 5+, energy drain supernatural ability, Improved Energy Drain
If your energy drain inflicts negative levels on a spellcaster and he or she loses any prepared spell as a result, you will gain the ability to cast that spell once, even if you are normally incapable of preparing or casting the spell yourself (due to Ability scores, character class and the like, but--as usual--you cannot cast this spell if you are a specialist wizard and the spell is from a school forbidden to you). Stolen spells will remain in your mind for up to one hour if not cast, and you can have a maximum number of stolen spells equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1) at any time. Naturally, you can't steal spells from spellcaster classes who don't prepare their spells (such as sorcerers), nor can you steal spells from those who have no spells prepared, be they non-spellcasters (such as fighters) or spellcasters who have depleted all of their prepared spells.

• Improved Paralysis * -- Requisites: Undead, paralysis special ability, Ability Focus (Paralysis)
The undead grip of paralysis you wield has grown more potent over time. Whenever your attacks threaten to paralyze your victim, the DC of their saving throw rises by 4, increasing his or her chance of failure.

• Improved Turn Resistance * -- Requisite: Undead
You scoff at the godly powers of clerics and paladins, so weathered have you grown against their attempts to shackle your will or drive you to flight. When resolving an enemy's attempt to turn, rebuke, command, bolster or destroy you, treat your Hit Dice (including levels in character classes) as if they were four dice higher; For example, a wight with 4 HD would be treated as an 8 HD monster when checking a cleric's attempt to turn undead. This Feat's bonus does stack with the turn resistance sported by certain undead types, such as vampires.

• Life Drain * -- Requisites: Charisma 13+, energy drain supernatural ability
Your life-leeching saps the lifeforces of the living with greater power. Whenever you inflict a negative level on a living creature, add your Charisma modifier to the Hit Points which that enemy loses to the energy drain. You then gain temporary Hit Points equal to the amount lost by your victim. These Hit Points last for one hour before dissipating.

• Lifebond * -- Requisites: Undead, Charisma 11+
Select a specific living creature who is friendly to you. You create a special bond with that creature. Such is your synergy with that creature that you gain +4 to your turn resistance and +2 to all saving throws whenever that bonded creature is within 60 feet of you. If the chosen living creature dies, you lose these bonuses and suffer a -2 penalty to all saves for 24 hours. You may replace the chosen living creature with another friendly living creature and transfer the bond at your option (though you should have a good reason for this and cannot transfer the bond simply for the sake of convenience, such as avoiding the above penalties if your chosen creature faces imminent death). This Feat may be taken multiple times, choosing a different living creature for each instance of this Feat. The effects of multiple Lifebonded allies stack, bonuses and penalties alike.

• Lifesense * -- Requisites: Charisma 13+, no Constitution score
In addition to any normal light present, your surroundings are illuminated by the perceivably bright auras of the living. The larger the living creature, the greater the radius of the light its body emits; To your eyes, the lifeforce of a Medium-sized creature (such as a human) would cast enough light to illuminate a 60' radius, while the lifeforce of a Colossal ancient dragon would illuminate objects up to 960 feet away. The illumination of what lifeforce auras you perceive behaves as that of normal light; You will not be able to see through solid objects, and a dense fog may still allow a skulking rogue to pass before you undetected.

• Necrotic Reserve * -- Requisites: Undead, supernatural energy drain or Ability drain or Ability damage ability
You are truly made of sterner stuff, stern enough to push back death's attempts to reclaim you. Unlike most undead, you need not be immediately destroyed should your Hit Points as long as you took the precaution of feeding on the living within the previous day. If this condition is met, you will be weakened instead of destroyed if reduced to zero or negative Hit Points. Undead creatures so weakened are limited to movement actions or standard actions, and only one action per round, least until the weakened undead creature returns to positive Hit Points. Unfortunately, the necrotic reserve which keeps you from death is feeble and unstable; Any sufficiently strenuous action will expend the necrotic reserve and destroy you (unless that same action restores you to positive Hit Points), and any additional damage you receive while weakened will cast you into death's arms all the same. You may only draw on a necrotic reserve and withstand death once per day, regardless of all circumstances.

• Positive Energy Resistance * -- Requisite: Undead
Your black, lifeless heart defies all that is holy, granting you 10 points of resistance against any damaging effect of positive energy (such as holy water or Cure spells).

• Quicken Manifestation * -- Requisite: Ability to manifest from the Ethereal Plane to the Material Plane
Those who pass through your domain would do well to fear you, for you are capable of instantly translating your ghostly form into the physical world and striking without warning. Once per round, you may manifest physically as a free action rather than a standard action. However, the process of turning ethereal again will still require a standard action and is not affected by this Feat.
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...and, finally, there are Special Feats, which are limited to specific Classes.

Special Feats

• Extra Turning -- Requisite: Cleric or Paladin class
With this Feat, a cleric or a paladin becomes a more devoted vessel of light or of darkness and, so vested with such power and proficiency, may turn or rebuke undead an additional four times per day. This Feat may be taken multiple times, granting the cleric or paladin four more daily turns or rebukes each time this Feat is taken.

• Spell Mastery ‡ -- Requisite: Wizard class
With this Feat, the experienced wizard transcends the need to consult a spellbook when preparing his or her spells each day. When this Feat is taken, choose a number of spells from the wizard's spellbook equal to the wizard's Intelligence modifier; From that point on, the wizard may prepare those spells from memory alone and hence may prepare them even if the wizard's spellbook is lost, stolen or destroyed. A wizard with 17 Intelligence (+3 Intelligence modifier) could, for example, commit up to three spells from her spellbook to memory. This Feat may be taken multiple times, committing more spells to memory each time the Feat is taken (ie. Spell Mastery (Alarm, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp) or Spell Mastery (Fear, Enervation, Magic Jar, Flesh to Stone, Mordenkainen's Sword). Permanent changes to Intelligence modifiers do not affect the numbers of these mastered spells retroactively.

• Weapon Specialization † -- Requisite: Fighter class of Level 4+, Weapon Focus with the weapon to be specialized
Many a seasoned warlord swears by the techniques imparted with this Feat, for a deeply focused warrior bearing a most favored weapon does often spell deeper wounds and swifter demises for his enemies. The fighter gains a permanent +2 bonus to damage anytime he strikes and wounds with the specialized weapon type, but if the weapon is a ranged weapon, then the damage bonus applies only if the target is within 30 feet. This Feat may be taken multiple times, once per weapon type (Weapon Specialization: Dire Flail and Weapon Specialization: Trident would be two separate Feats).
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