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PostSubject: PWN3D!!!   PWN3D!!! Icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 2:41 am

"4llright M34tbagS! bring 4ll ur PS3's and pu7 7h3m 1n th1s p4ck, 0r 1'm, g0nn4 PWN j00! LOL N00B!!"

Word on the street had a big shipment of Wii's and PS3's coming in today, and SEAMUS was looking to score some. The three bots he brought with, LOLZ, Pwny, and Banzorz waived their blasters around menacingly at the crowd. His sensor band immediately picked up on the silent alarm being tripped.

only a few minutes and one of the capes would get called in to try and stop him.
"LOLZ! PWNY, B4nZ0rZ! OMG TRAIN TO ZONE!! WTFBBQ!" The three drones ran to the buildings entrance and started shooting into the parking lot, their postols leaving small craters where SUV's and Minivans used to be.

Emptying his BFG into the crowd, SEAMUS ran back to the electronics department just in time to hear the arrival of...

with a metallic squeal of feedback, a voice boomed out of a megaphone "This is Doc Graviton, we have you surrounded! give yourself up or we will use force!"

After realising that a flurry of blaster fire was the only response he was going to get., two of the car wrecks were lifted into the air on unseen waves of force and sent crashing through the storefront and into the drones.

"I'm in ur b4s3 st34lin' ur W33Z!" Time for a speedy Exit. SEAMUS plugged one of the Wii's USB ports into a PS#, and chained them both together with usb's to a Xbox 360. when all threee systems plugged into each other, the sheer awesome yanked him suddenly from Rhode Island, to.. Somewhere else. for starters he didn't have his sattelite uplink anymore, his conciousness seemed to be stuck in his current body.

PWNY LOLZ and Banzors were down for the count, their fusion bottles disrupted by Captain McFancypants. It was going to take a long time and a lot of work to get them functional again.


"OMG!!! n0 Gunz n0 r3sp4wn p0int, n0 lvl ch4ng3 OMGWTFBBQ!"
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PostSubject: Re: PWN3D!!!   PWN3D!!! Icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2009 7:13 am

SEAMUS would see her from relatively far away, his electronic eyes much better than biological ones. She was swathed in black and her body would scan (if he could do that) as rather confusing. She was plainly walking up to him, but her animation was defying the fact that she read no Life Signs.

Her body was slender, even under all of her clothes, her skin a pale ivory. She did not hurry - nor did she threaten him. Only moving in that graceful sway of hers.

Once she reached him, she looked up at him, bewilderment reaching her dark brown eyes. "Hello there stranger. I don't think Ive ever met a robot before. I'm Wraith and welcome to Illusion Vale."

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
just to piss you off
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