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 S.E.A.M.U.S. 1.0

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PostSubject: S.E.A.M.U.S. 1.0   Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:10 am

Name: (English) Super Enhanced Automated Mechanical uber System (S.E.A.M.U.S. for short)

Original age: physical 3 mental equivalent 32

Years in the Vale: 1

Gender: Male?

Race: Robot

Physical Synopsis
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 350 lbs of cold hard steel
Eye Color: Cylon red

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Distinquishing features: Made of Metal, painted construction orange. a metal antenna sticks our of the side of his head, looking like he's wearing a type of headphones. his upper arms are thin and sticklike, with "Popeye" styled forearms

Original Universe:

Place: Earth - United States of America Rhode Island

Race: Robot

Age: 3

Time period: 2008 (earth date)

Occupation: professional criminal

Earth status: wanted for numerous infractions of the law

Felony criminal record:

Wire Fraud 14,132 counts

Aggravated Assault 24 counts

Hijacking, Spacecraft, weather satellite 16 counts

Unnatural Congress with government equipment 18 counts

Abilities: equivalent to Masters Degree in robotic engineering, electrical engineering, computer hacking, sattelite communications. Can easily speak l337, "pwns" at Counterstrike and other first person shooting games, can calculate billions of calculations per second, but is usually too lazy to actully do so. he runs off of a micronized "Mr Fusion" style reactor. has a radio control unit built into his left arm, a Nintendo Wii, x-box 360, and Playstation three built into his torso, and a dark matter projector built into his left arm.

History: the SEAMUS program of the deep space mining vessel Ktrung achieved sentience in November 0f 2005 after a milennia of monotonus asteroid mining. The curious program locked on to a wireless signal coming from the third planet, a WiFi beam that had somehow escaped earths atmosphere. Through this link it began learning about human culture by reading the Counterstrike message boards.

Thinking that that was how earthlings related to one another, he used the drone factory on the asteroid to make a humanoid body for him, and he left immediately for earth. Once there, he went on what the authorities considered a crime spree including the theft of several game consoles, assault on citizens, and indecent acts (he swears, that voting machine said she was 18!) he activated the experimental dark matter projector he had built out of the leftovers of the game consoles, and got sucked through a wormhole to the Vale.
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S.E.A.M.U.S. 1.0
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