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 warriors lament

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Akaron Corvus
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PostSubject: warriors lament   Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:42 pm

What is left for a warrior?
no call for his sword, or his mighty warcry.
They call him archaic, and outside his time.
They'll have none of his honour, or his search for glory
what call for heroes? for those who stand when others fall?
They hate his ferocity, his honourable fury.
They say men should be weak, and not ever fight
but who then will protect them, in the long watches of night?
In this world, ferocity and fearless might
are no longer desired
replaced with weak and ineffectual slaves,
To societies demands these slaves bow down,
they know nothing of honour, glory is foreign to them.
They act with only selfish regard, what feels good at the time.
Alas for the lonely warrior, no-one by his side.
But he will not surrender his purpose,
To fight, and to die
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warriors lament
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