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 Adewen/ LittleSprite

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PostSubject: Adewen/ LittleSprite   Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:28 am

Name: Adewen, nick name LittleSprite

Original age: 26

Years in the Vale:

Gender: Female

Race: Shapeshifter

Height: 5'4

Weight: 110 lbs

Description: Long red/brown auburn colored wavy hair down to her hips, long red lashes frameing ice blue nearly white coloured eyes, full lips and smooth tanned skin from being out doors. Short and lithe, well toned, but with curves where they matter.

Distinquishing features: the color of her eyes

Skills Aquired:

Original Universe: Earth, present day.

Place: Earth - many places, staying hidden is primary.

Race: Humanoid

Age: 26

Time period: 2008

Occupation: park ranger

Earth status: public member

Abilities: Strong, quick reflexes, crack shot with a bow and arrows her prefrance while hunting until she learns her shifting abilitys, can use a gun in ememrgancys as it comes with the job, great hand-to-hand combat skills, hunting and tracking almost second nature.

History: Grew up with other shifters learning from them what she needed to know to keep her abilitys secret and that it was safer to stay hidden, and ready to move at a moments notice.

She was home schooled and knows one end of a gun from another. She works as a park ranger tracking dangerous animals and finding people who have deveated from the trails and gotten lost ect...

She moved out to yellow stone and was hired on as a park ranger prefering the wide open spaces, as well as being as far away from her parents as possable, and the reminder that her shifting abilitys as well as most of the others were out of her reach...
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Adewen/ LittleSprite
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