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 Rules and Announcments

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PostSubject: Rules and Announcments   Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:45 am

The Wandering forum in Universes gives a chance for Universes characters to have their own Roleplays within the Universes world.

There are a few rules to writing a thread in Wanderings however and it would be appreciated that all Universes members abide by them.

1) When creating a thread there will be a separate OOC and IC (if there is no OOC thread then all OOC should be done in PMs to avoid confusion). Please label them accordingly.

2) There is no limit to the amount of players in one thread. You can create a thread simply for yourself, or for others.

3) You have control of your own thread - though you are acting as DM you are not strictly in a DM position. You are simply Roleplaying as your Universes character, although you do have final say in the direction of the thread's story. God Modding of other characters will not be allowed, unless stated otherwise by the players of the said other characters.

4) When wanting to join a thread, please don't just 'jump in'. Contacting the owner of the thread is preferred as sometimes they will not want another player for their own storyline purposes. Or post your interest in the OOC if there is one.

5) Ultimate control of the thread is retained by me, Wraith. All disputes, discrepancies, questions etc will be run by me. If you have questions about what you can do in the Vale, I have that information.

6) Although the Vale's borders are not that clearly defined, I ask that you remain within them for these Roleplays. RPing outside of the Vale (or in the Mission Zones) is prohibited.

7) When setting up a thread, please establish a clear timeline for your (and others) Universes character by stating whether or not your thread takes place before or after the current (or other) Mission.

8) Usual Valian rules apply (ie no flaming, harrassing, god modding etc)

Please note: If your thread takes place BEFORE a Mission, then all actions will be in the history of the mission you are in.
If your thread takes place AFTER a Mission, then all your actions in said Mission will be in the history of your thread.

Also note again: Refusal to act by these rules will be met with a two warnings and if a third needs to be issued a banning of your membership to the entirety of the Vale for two weeks will be issued.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in this thread.

Besides all that, I hope you all have fun!
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Rules and Announcments
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