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 Guide to The Arena

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PostSubject: Guide to The Arena   Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:14 pm

The Arena was made specifically for battle. That is, for battle between roleplaying characters. This is all in good fun and is expected to be rather entertaining.

There are a few rules when using the Arena. Most rules are set during threads by the Overseer of the Arena, that is, the Judge.

However, some more general rules and explanations are as follows:

The Pit
While there are four main forums. There is an OOC forum called The Pit, where all OOC discussion for all the other forums take place. The other three forums deal with its own variances of battle threads.

Universes Battle Arena
In this forum, only Universes characters can do battle. That is, only a Valian with a current Universes character can challenge another Universes character to a duel. Created or roleplay characters are prohibited here.

Vale Coliseum
In this thread, battles can be called between both Universes character and other created characters. This means that Universes characters can challenge and be challenged by other roleplay character. Do you have a vampire that you think can defeat Golden Drakon? Do you have a an mage that can wipe the floor with Akaron Corvus? Well, here, you can find out just how your character measures up.
Or do you want to create a character specifically to bring down Wraith? Here, you can do that too!

The Battlefield
In this forum, you can use a plethera of your other roleplay and/or created characters to wipe the floor with other created and/or roleplay characters. Do you have a wizard from a Harry Potter thread that wants to take on a Alien from a Future fiction thread? Here, its all possible. The only restriction with characters here is that absolutley no Universes characters can be used.

On that note, some more general rules that apply to all the forums are as follows:

* For the moment, all battle threads are restricted to One-on-one duels. Though other people can participate in the thread.

* God-Modding will be policed and punished by the Judge, however it may see fit.

* In terms of Roleplay or Universes characters, when challenging in the Pit, please specify if its IV (In the Vale) or OV (Out of the Vale). The meaning of which is that if a thread is IV, then all consequences of the thread, such as winnings or losings, have to counted in either Roleplays or Universes. OV means that winnings or losing can be disregarded.

* Any disputes can be directed to the Judge. If further action needs to be taken, Wraith will preside.

Please check back regularily for updates on rules or any changes. Have fun and remember, its all well and good until somebody gets hurt!

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Guide to The Arena
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