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 open challenge.

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Akaron Corvus
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PostSubject: open challenge.   Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:58 pm

fight Me or fight Forgall MacFionn

Name:Forgall MacFionn




Physical Description:6'8" 300 pounds. even among riada hes a beast of a man, despite being roughly 60 in human terms he is the greatest warrior the Riada have known since the age of legends

Training: like all Riada warriors, he was trained by his father, who was the kings champion. Unlike most, He was then fostered by Setanta, a master warrior living in the dragonbone mountains. He was taught the secret arts, including the Dancing Spear of Luagh, the Riven Strike of Kernus, The Feat of the War Bear, and the Arch-Dragon Strike.

Magical Abilites:Feat of the War Bear- A magical feat that increases his already prodigious strength and toughness, granting him the ferocity of the fabled War Bear. Thundering War-Cry-A mighty shout that calls the spears of heaven down on his opponent (i.e. Lightning)

Weapons: Spear of Luagh, a mighty halberd that he wields with terrifying skill and speed. Caladbolg- a mighty broadsword enchanted with the spirits of war. Dragon Shield- a powerful shield he can summon by magic, forms over his left arm.

History: Born to Fionn MacPadraig, the kings champion, Forgall was raised by his father after his mother's death at the hands of the Icea warrior women, who she had left to marry his father. He quickly surpassed his father in skill at arms, and was then sent to Setanta, and was further trained there. He returned to Frostcrown, and was made kings champion after his defeat of the Sanguine Kings invasion. He became one of the seven dragons of frosthold after his defeat of one of the Sanguine Kings four horsemen, the warrior known only as Stryfe.

Any special skills:His feats.
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open challenge.
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