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 Did We Hold? - By Optimas

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PostSubject: Did We Hold? - By Optimas   Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:28 pm

PART 1 "My name is Oriden of the Crimson Guard, and on my death bed I want you to heed my words. It is my final story, a final swan song of a great fighting unit. I am the last, my mortal wounds drag me deep into a wakeless slumber but our story must be told."

Oriden pulls himself up in the bed, he winces with the pain as it lances through his nerves. A grimace pulls gently at his face, in his life he has had much pain. "Now where was I?" he said," Ahh that is right the story, The crimson Guard Was . . ."

The crimson guard was the elite. It was called the guard but really it should have been called the wall. An elite group of individuals that would halt any in their path long enough for reinforcements to arrive - or as happened kill all before them. This story is not about them though it is about one warrior and his friend Oriden.

Marcus was a strong lad and that is why he was chosen. He was taken from his mother at the age of 13 and trained into the fighting unit. The training was arduous and soon he was a strong man, fast and cunning. Yet he was not allowed to fight, he would be allowed into the secret Crimson Guard when he was 30 years old, not a day before, such was the code. It was deemed a short life being in the Crimson guard and you needed strength, so life experience was sought before a warrior became an elite.

Marcus travelled and became a mercenary and traveled far and wide his deeds were many and he was a great warrior. Stories trickled into the old town where he lived of his feats.

He was 29 when he returned to our lands and he brought with him a wife and two children. A boy and a small girl, he doted on them like no other ever known.

Marcus was a family man, there was nothing he loved more than his children and wife. Yet he knew he was to join the Crimson Guard in less than a year.

It was during this time he met Oriden, Oriden a man in his forties had been a crimson guard longer than most and he was a leader and admired by all. Marcus and Oriden became friends and hunted together, months past and Oriden had learnt of Marcus and his family, and this haunted him.

Oriden sparred with Marcus to see if he would make it into the Guard.After a few half hearted sessions Oriden said Marcus was not fit to be a crimson guard. Marcus turned to him, "Oriden, leader of the crimson guard. You say that I am not worthy, you have offended me and my training, defend yourself," With a blur Marcus slashed a blade towards Oriden, the spar had finished. This was to the death.

Clanging metal sounded through the opening, to the market. People began to move around the two men who had been alone, brought to the sound of a real fight. Both warriors were breathing heavily as they circled each other, each looking for the others weakness. On one side you had a young Hero who had killed many, and on the other you had a leader of the Crimson Guard. Now with the crowd watching neither could afford to loose.

With a mighty roar Marcus ran at Oriden and swung with all his might. The angle that Oriden blocked with his sword made them both loose their grips. Both blades flew out from the owners hands. They breathed hard and laboured, the momentary lapse in the fight allowed Oriden to halt the battle. "I will never again make the choice for you. You are a Crimson Guard." They shook hands and Marcus went to his family.

On the day Marcus joined the ranks of Crimson Guard he asked Oriden why he had said no initially, Oriden replied in one word then he left, "Family."

to be cont.......
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PostSubject: Part two   Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:37 am

A few years past, and a few skirmishes were halted by the crimson guard. However all was not at ease, Oriden had not forgiven Marcus for joining the crimson guard.

What right does he have being in such a dangerous job, Oriden thought. Although they past pleasantries they rarely spoke.

A new force from the south had marched up the lands engulfing all in their path. Estates from the north were hastily bringing an army together, yet it would be too late. advisor's had told the crimson guard to leave the palace and move north to be next to the Northern armies.

"Pah, we will never move, we stay and wait for the devil to take us. . . .But hear me, none shall pass the crimson guard while any of my men survive." Oriden turned on his heel and left the talks in the north, he climbed on a horse and made haste to the south and the palace. The army in the south moved and would be upon them in a day or two.

Back at the barracks Oriden spoke to his men, "So that is how it stands boys, the southern uprising comes, they will engulf us all, have no illusions we can not stop a flood like this, and we cannot hold." Oriden let his words fall like a hammer. " I am leaving this room, I will be on the yard as officers it is your choice as to what you do with your men, but mine stay." Oriden left and waited in the courtyard for the other platoon leaders to give him an answer. His wait was brief but felt like eternity, they all came and all bowed before him, spat in their hands and slapped him in the face, the pact was done, they will try and hold till reinforcements should come.

Like two lions they looked at each other, a massive army and a smaller force, they day of reckoning had arrived. All the crimson guard, adorned in red tattoo markings over their bodies and each held weapons with runes. They all held the weapons the wanted and used them like masters.

Oriden walked to the front of the Guard and looked at the men, "Today!! these southern sissies want to take what is ours!!," a clash like thunder erupted then died as all the crimson guard smashed weapons onto shields or the floor, "He wants to pillage and kill all in the Palace," Again the roar and the clashing of weapons. "He wants to take our freedom, and I ask you this. . ."The Guard were quiet, "I ask you one question, CAN WE HOLD!!" Oriden roared to the heavens, again silence,


The heavens errupted as the crimson guard exploded in noise as all men let out a screaming war cry.

Oriden turned to the other army, and took out twin swords from a sheaf on his back. He looked directly at the approaching army and waited.

Marcus said a emotional farewell to his wife and his two children, and words were past that will not be repeated - they are sacred. He moved away taking a broad sword from his fire place and he walked through the empty streets and out onto the soon to be battle field.

Marcus moved through the crimson guard and into rank without his leader seeing him, yet the hawk eyes of Oriden spotted him.

Why is he here? Oriden thought to himself, his family, he could try and take them to safety and we cannot hold this force. The pondering was lost as the army attacked.

Oriden ran back into formation, as the cavalry charged with horses, the floor rumbled so hard it was like the end of days. Yet the Guard held and did not move.

Oriden shouted to his platoon, "steady lads not yet, Hold until I say." the other leaders were saying much the same, but still the horses rumbled on with mist jetting from their nostrils.

The gap becoming smaller by the second, and when they were almost upon the guard the leaders shouted "NOW!" In unison every member of the guard lifted a giant wooden pole from the floor and wedged it in to the soil, the horses hit the spears at a gallop and the carnage was total. Wooden stakes pierced rider and horse in one go, other places horse reared throwing riders onto spikes, and if they were unlucky enough to not die they were either killed with arrows or slain with swords. The crimson guard moved back 10 meters, this way any more enemy soldiers would have top move over bodies.

"Well done fellas, now they feel our bite,"Oriden was close to Marcus now yet they both knew what the older solider thought about Marcus being here. They said nothing. A few of the crimson guard lay injured or dead with the other bodies but so far they held out well.

The enemy general looked at the small force that had almost wiped out his cavalry, none had with stood his initial charge before. This is where he made his mistake, superior numbers he thought to himself, and he motioned for his foot men to attack, instead of using long range artillery.

The fighting became fever pitched as time and time again the enemy forces smashed against the Crimson guard, Marcus was covered in blood and their numbers were starting to drop against the constant onslaught, yet they still held.

That is when it happened, a lucky blow landed on Marcus as he was fighting off two men. A giant sweep killed one instantly and grazed another, he turned to aide a comrade and the semi-wounded enemy soldier stabbed him in his back, Oriden saw Marcus fall, he screamed, and began fighting his way over to Marcus, swinging his swords killing and maiming. He was getting nearer to Marcus but the numbers pinned him back.

More and more they kept coming like a wave. Scores of them were dead but there was always another two swords to take their place, it was not long before there was only a handful of crimson guard left fighting in a fighting circle. They were completely surrounded, never giving up but totally lost. one by one they fell until a wounded Oriden stood swinging his swords limply at anyone, but all they did was bat it away with a laugh, to them the battle was won.

The enemy general moved through his men, and looked at the sorry state of Oriden blood seeping from a gash in his head and he now only held one sword limply by his side. "Move back men this is the last of the bravest men I have ever seen, give him some of my water." A slave past a bottle to Oriden who gulped greedily, then spat it out at the general, it hit him in his face with a splat.

"Eat shit, and die,"Oriden managed to say as he collapsed to the floor. The general was about to order the execution when his face dropped, and he ran like scared girl, Oriden could only feel himself being trampled as the southerner uprising retreated before the Northern army that was approaching, they had done what was needed the palace would survive, the north would survive.

Oriden crawled through the blood, mud and dead bodies for twenty meters, seeing faces of comrades and other faces he knew he should know but didnt. until he found who he was looking for. Marcus, he lay still blood seeping out his back. Oriden turned him over and was surprised to see his eyes were open, and he half smiled at Oriden through deaths doorway, and his last words came out which shocked Oriden,

"Did We Hold?" Oriden nodded, Marcus smiled and then died in front of Oriden. Even through the pain Oriden screamed to the sky, "why didn`t you go with your family? You were like a son to me?" Oriden was over come with grief, and sobs racked his battle worn body with agony, yet he clung on to his friend, he stayed there till a medic picked him up.

While being patched up Marcus`s wife came up to him and said, " I hear you managed to speak to Marcus just before he died."
"Yes I did," Oriden replied, "Thanks for coming, " I was there at the end, I wanted to pass you his last words, before he died, you may have them if you wish." She nodded.

"All he said was," Oriden paused "Tell my family I love them." Oriden looked at the wife with tears in his eyes that mimicked hers. She lent over and kissed his brow, and turned and left.

Back at Oriden and his death bed. . .

I let my words sink in, I feel the hand of death take hold of me but push him away to finish my story. Its ok old friend we have eternity.
A small boy in the front row looks at me and asks the question I want to hear, "Why did you not tell her what he really said?" The boy and every one else looked a bit gob smacked.

The pain hits me, but i finish what needs to be finished with my last breath I tell his story, "I did, cause finally in that final moment his smile told me the true meaning of the crimson guard and why he had to fight," I say one word like I did all those years ago. . .


The hand of death takes me and the crimson guard will forever be a legend.
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PostSubject: footnote   Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:43 am

Just a quick note, it is by design that I leave a lot of details out for a couple of reasons, 1 being length and two I want people to use their own ideas of places and people ect. I hope this makes sense, and if it is too sparse then I could try and change it slightly. also the ending of this story can be read into different ways but this is how it seems to me(And it will be different for everyone)

He fights in the crimson, guard to protect his family, and to him it is the best way he can protect them. that is why he did not ask about his family if they held they would be fine, and if they didnt he would have done the best he could.

hope you enjoyed it any ideas or things that i should change for future would be much appreciated.

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PostSubject: Re: Did We Hold? - By Optimas   

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Did We Hold? - By Optimas
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