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 Scion of Arun

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PostSubject: Scion of Arun   Scion of Arun Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 11:26 am

The throb of drums stole into the darkness of her subconscious again. The soft chime of metal rings mingled with strong, fervent chants grew louder and louder. The young woman started to panic as darkness suddenly started to press in on her. Her knees went weak and her chest tightened. She tried to run but cold, wet darkness bound her. She couldn’t scream; darkness coursed up her chest and filled her mouth.

Oh god, help me! Someone help me!

The young woman’s head spun and her heart beat in her chest like a frantic, caged bird. She struggled for breath, her lungs burning. Everything was coming undone in the deep, dark abyss. She saw a golden light that barely broke through the darkness and tried in vain to move towards it. She grew colder and colder and her vision started to fade.

I’m dying—this is it—I’m really dying!

“Help me!” she cried out into the darkness.

“Wake up …”

“Help me—I--”

“—Eydis, wake up.” a smooth, masculine voice said, as he gently shook the young woman’s shoulder. “You’re dreaming …”

The young woman heard the sound of impossibly large wings flutter near her. She threw off the strong masculine arms that embraced here and scrabbled in the dark against something soft. She fell off some sort of platform, onto smooth, hard stone and huddled against the cold, rocky wall.

“Where the hell am I?!” she yelled out into the darkness. “Who are you?!”

The young woman shivered against the cold wall. Small hands stretched up as she tried to feel her way around for some way out.

Clothes … She thought dimly. What happened to me? Where are my goddamned clothes?

There was a spark of flame and she threw her hand up against the sudden light.

“Easy, Eidys.” The man soothed. “You’re disoriented, but you’re safe, I promise you.”

The young woman looked up at the very tall man who slowly came towards her. Dark hair spilled over his tanned shoulders and down to his waist. Glints of deep blue reflected in the oil lamp’s light. Her eyes went wide at the man’s beautiful, white wings that tapered from shades of light blue to the dark color of his own hair. He seemed to be wearing some sort of elaborately embroidered crimson skirt that wrapped around and tied in front.

“Am I … dead?” she whispered.

The angel-man’s eyes were kind and he smiled slightly as he knelt to her.

“No, sweet Eidys.” He said as he reached out to gently caress her face. “Most definitely not. I am Serik. I’m here to see to your needs.”

“My name’s not Eidys!” She said suddenly. “My name is--my name …”

Her brow furrowed and a shot of pain lanced through her forehead. She reached up and gingerly touched the bandage that barely covered the tender knot. It was on the tip of her tongue, but it wouldn’t come.

I can’t … I can’t remember my name! What the hell is this? Am I hallucinating? Do I have amnesia?

“I want my clothes and I want out of here. Now!”

“Eidys, please.” Serik said gently. “We found you washed up on shore. You hit your head badly on a rock in the surf. You need to rest—come back to bed. You’re shivering …”

The young woman who Serik had called Eidys, eyed the angel-man’s hand suspiciously as he held it out to her.

“New clothes will be brought in the morning by a handmaid. Nothing will happen to you. I won’t hurt you, I swear it.”

She saw Serik’s white and blue wings flutter slightly, expectantly. Those wings, and his arms looked so warm, so inviting. The young woman reached for the angel-man called Serik. Her small, pale hand was swallowed by his large, tanned one. A sense of peace suddenly drifted over her as Serik’s wings started to fold around her. He set aside the lamp and started to pull her to his chest when she froze.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a reflection of herself in a full-length, polished bronze mirror. She abruptly pulled out of Serik’s gentle grasp.

“This isn’t me …” she mutter, staring at the strange reflection that looked back at her. “This isn’t …”

Her short, brown hair was replaced by long, pale green hair. Her blue eyes shined pale green now in the lamp’s light. An unfamiliar face looked back at her, stunned as she pawed through her strange long hair.

“What is this? I--”

Suddenly, her eyes rolled up and her legs buckled. Serik caught her before she hit the stone.

“Eidys …” he murmured, as he picked her up and carried her back to the bed that they had shared before she had awakened.

Serik gently set Eidys down amongst soft pillows and warm linens. He covered her, settled in beside her and stretched a protective wing over her.

“Rest, lovely.” Serik whispered in her ear, as he stroked green hair away from her pale brow. “All will be well in the morning ...”
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PostSubject: Scion of Arun--part II (a)   Scion of Arun Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 7:08 pm

This is the second part of Scion of Arun. It will be in two pieces--a & b. Enjoy!

The cool, clean scent of ocean breeze gently wafted over the green-haired young woman with no name. She made a tired squeak as she yawned and stretched. Daylight filtered through barely cracked eyelids and she threw her arm over her eyes.

“My head …” she groaned.

Just breathe … Just breath and maybe you won’t
puke …

In the distance, she heard waves rhythmically pounding against stone. Her breathing fell in time with the ebb and flow of water. The pain and nausea she felt slowly started to pass.

Sere,” a small voice said, “Wake up …”

For a moment, the green-haired young woman didn’t register the younger girl’s voice.

“Have something to eat. Serik will worry …”

“Serik …”

“Yes, sere …”

Her free hand brushed over the empty part of the sumptuous pallet. It was empty but it was still warm. She remembered soft feathers brushing across her shoulder and cheek and she couldn’t suppress a shiver of delight.

He called me “Eidys”. That’s not my name—I know it’s not. I’m not …

“I’m not who he thinks I am.” She said, as she suddenly sat up.

She held her head for a moment, dizzy. The room spun and she was invaded with clips of strange light and sounds of metal scraping on metal. There was the dull sound of ice or glass, breaking in her ears.

“Oh god—my head …” the green-haired woman moaned, as she squeezed her eyes shut. “I think it’s going to explode…”

A gentle hand took hers, and she felt a warm cup put into it.

“Drink this, sere. Serik said you hit you head in the surf. This will help.”

“Who’re you?”

“A handmaid—I’m Naya.”

“Naya … What is this stuff?”

“It’ll take away some of your pain and help you feel better.”

The green-haired woman brought the cup to her nose. The bitter, medicinal smell reminded her of fresh, pungent ginger and strong green tea. She tried to block out the terrifying sounds of twisting metal and breaking glass, but it kept growing. Her hand gripped the cup tighter. Underneath it all, was the throb of drums, the chanting, and the soft jingle of rings.

“I’m not … I didn’t … I don’t think I hit my head in the surf.”

“Serik said you would say that …”

“He said my name was Eidys. My name’s not Eidys--it starts with an S--Sam, Syd, Sal … Sadie--?”

“—He said you’d say that too, now drink up.” The young girl insisted.

The green-haired woman raised the steaming cup to her lips. Her brow furrowed slightly.

Be carefull, a far away voice whispered in her head. Watch out for black ice …

“Black ice?” she murmured, her own voice shaky in her ears.

Black ice … Watch out for black ice …

Her hand began to tremble and suddenly the clay cup dropped. It shattered on the stone, and the handmaid looked up at her, startled.

Black ice …

Black ice …

The green-haired woman clutched at her chest and gasped for air. Her body was cold as she tried to force her lungs to breathe. She felt cold wetness crash against her body; she felt it pour into her ears and mouth. She gurgled and thrashed as she fell back on the pallet; her eyes wide and unseeing.

Sadie--Watch out for black ice! Oh god, the water!

“Serik!” The young handmaid cried. “Serik, come! The woman—Eidys—she’s having some sort of spell!”

There was a commotion outside the cavernous room, and Serik pushed his way through the temple servants and other handmaids. He saw Eidys staring up blankly at the rocky ceiling, gasping for air.


The handmaid who had been tending to Eidys snapped to attention when the priest called her name.

“Get some chaja—hurry!”

Serik’s wings fluttered, worried as he knelt at Eidys’ side. The woman struggled and cried out nonsense as he tried to take her in his arms. He winced when her nails tore furrows into the flesh of his arm.

“Ssh … Eidys—I’m here …”

“Serik,” Naya said as she rushed over with a cup of dark green liquor called chaja. “What’s happening to her?!”

“I think … I think she thinks she’s drowning …”

Serik struggled to hold on to the green-haired woman with one arm, while he dipped a finger of his free hand into the chaja. He gently caressed her bottom lip and gum with the potent drug. Her struggles began to subside, and her eyes slowly fluttered closed.

“Leave us, Naya …” Serik said as he held Eidys on his lap.

“—Leave us!” he whispered harshly.

Serik cradled Eidys in his lap. He barely heard Naya leave, as he protectively curled his wings around her. He swept tangles of sweaty hair away from Eidys’ brow and gently kissed her forehead.

“I shouldn’t have left you—not even with a handmaid. You’re still just a stranger here …”

He held Eidys for a long time before he lay back on the pallet with the sleeping woman in his arms.

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PostSubject: Scion of Arun--part II (b)   Scion of Arun Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2007 7:29 pm

The green-haired woman slowly opened her eyes. For a moment, she felt like she was floating, safe and warm. She lay there for a moment as she inhaled the light, masculine scent of sandalwood and spice. Her memory was hazy, but that familiar tightness in her chest started to creep in again.

She carefully wiggled out of the arms that held her, got up from the pallet and draped a soft, linen sheet around herself. She stood there in the darkness, heard the wash of waves, smelled the sea again, and closed her eyes.

Something happened to me … Something bad, but I can’t remember. I just can’t remember …

The green-haired woman opened her eyes again. The room she was in was nearly pitch-black except for the light of moon and stars that filtered in from a small alcove across the room. She carefully found her way across the room to the alcove that housed smooth, hewn steps and followed them up.

There, in that strange, grey space between night and morning, she saw unimaginably high cliffs soaring into the air. Below her, the sea roared and crashed on rocks that jutted out of the surf before they gently broke on the white, crystalline sands of the shore. The shore gave way to a dark swath that follow the base of the cliffs. She squinted and thought that darkness might be creeping up the sides. This beautiful, wild landscape went on like this for as far as her eyes could see, and that tightness in her chest lessened.

Where am I? Why am I here? This is too weird to be heaven …

The sky began to lighten from darkness to purple-grey as twin suns began to rise on the horizon. A warm, almost tropical breeze ruffled her long hair and the draped linen fluttered around her in the breeze.

“Who am I?” the green-haired woman whispered, confused. “Am I this Eidys … or Sadie?”

“You’re awake …”

She turned abruptly and saw the angel-man, Serik, standing at the top of the steps.

“How are you feeling?”

“Sleepy … confused …”

“The chaja still affects you, but it should wear off soon.”

Her brow furrowed. There was an odd tang in her mouth like anise underscored something bitter she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“The what?”

Serik took a step towards her. He reached out and gently took her face in his large, tanned hands.

“You had some sort of spell—an ajan—a waking dream.” He said quietly. “You thought you were drowning. It’s understandable, Eidys. Who knows how long you were in the water …”

The green-haired woman looked up at Serik. His soft, violet eyes were kind, and suddenly she felt tears fall.

“I … I don’t know who I am. Where I am … Something bad happened to me. I think there might’ve been an accident.”

Serik only nodded solemnly, wiped her tears away and took her hand. She squeezed it tight.

“Help me,” she whispered. “Please …”

“Are you sure you want to do this now, Eidys? Shouldn’t you rest?”

The green-haired woman angrily yanked her hand out of Serik’s.

“I don’t want to rest, damn it! I want to know what happened to me—if you know something--”

Serik grabbed her wrists gentle, but firm. She fought against him, but he was too strong.

“--let go of me!”

“I don’t want to cause you anymore pain!” He said. “I don’t want you to suffer another ajan …”

She looked up at Serik, eyes fierce with determination.

“I need to know!”

The angel-man sighed and let go of her wrists.

“I think I have something that might help with your memory. Come.”

Serik turned and she followed him down the stone stairs. Oil lamps had been lit and for the first time, she realized how finely carved the cavernous room was. She waited by the pallet that rested on a wide, carved pedestal. Serik opened a chest and she caught a glimpse of her clothes—jeans and a black t-shirt—as he took something out. He closed it and returned to her with something wrapped in a small, red cloth.

“We found you with this.” Serik said, as he handed it over. “You wouldn’t let go of it. I had to pry it out of your hand.”

The green-haired woman opened the red cloth. Inside was a long piece of metal that tapered to a point. The other end was a round, machined grip that could’ve only been manufactured by a modern machine.

“It’s … a center punch …”

Suddenly, she felt the air knocked out of her and she was flooded with flashes of memories. She saw herself skidding out of controlling, hands grappling futilely with the steering wheel of her car. There was the sound of metal on metal as the passenger side careened into the guard rail and flipped.

There was a dull crunch in her ears as ice and glass fractured. Her hands scrabbled at her seat belt. Cold water leaked in fast and she went for the center punch in her glove box. The water was nearly above her head. She dipped down and with all her strength, she hit the windshield.

The green-haired woman wavered, but she felt Serik’s strong hands steady her and pull her towards him.

“My name is Sadie …” She whispered against Serik’s chest, as she trembled in his arms. “I … had a car accident.”

She squeezed the center punch tight.

“This saved my life—I know it did. I know I’m alive!”
Sadie looked up at Serik as the terrible knowledge of what had happened settled in her.

“But … How did I get here? Where is here? Why do you keep calling me ‘Eidys’?”

“Where you are is easy enough to explain.” Serik said as he idly stroked Sadie’s hair. “How you got here—that I can’t explain. I don’t know. All I know is that you washed up here on the shores of Kassane with that thing in your hand.”

Sadie watched as a small smile tugged at the corners of Serik’s mouth. His large hands took hold of her face again; his thumbs gently caressed her cheeks.

“As for your name,” he said softly. “ no matter what you call yourself, you will always be Eidys to me …”

Sadie was caught up in Serik’s beautiful, violet-eyed gaze as he tipped her face up to him. His warm lips gently brushed hers. The feel, the taste of him was somehow familiar and calming. The warm scent of sandalwood and spices that clung to him suddenly became heady, nearly intoxicating. She didn’t want to leave; she wanted to press herself against his warm body, to stay close to him.

Finally, she remembered herself and pulled away from Serik. For a moment, he seemed vaguely disappointed, but he quickly covered it with a good-natured smile.

“My name … That’s not an answer.” Sadie said quickly, trying to move past the sudden kiss this handsome man had just given her.

“I’ll get you something to eat.” Serik said, as though he hadn’t heard her. “And perhaps you’d like a bath and some proper cloths? I’ll tell you all you want to know about Kassane, the Aegiran archipelago, and we Aegirans.”

Sadie could only nod and Serik turned to go. She watched him disappear through another doorway, covered with a heavy, embroidered tapestry.

“You’re hiding something from me.” Sadie murmured to herself. “What is it? What’s with that name, Eidys?”

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