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 and now for something completely different

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Akaron Corvus
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PostSubject: and now for something completely different   Sun Jul 08, 2007 3:00 pm

you lay there, vulnerable to my power.
staring at me with pleading eyes.
your gaze piercing through to my mind
your body exposed to my attentions.
I breathe deep, inhaling the heady scent of your need
equal parts lust and fear.
you are mine muirnin
you cannot resist.
My body overshadows you
blocking all light.
Is this truly what you want,
my body and yours to meld?
biting your lip you nod
giving me your consent.
i feel the warmth of your thighs,
your legs wrapped around my hips.
I stand poised at your gate
stalling slightly, savoring your lust.
feel my power, my strength
as i enter you.
your body resists a moment,
before hungrily giving way.
I feel your hips push against mine
i feel the warmth you have inside.
my hips thrust forward,
a moan escapes your lips.
i build speed,
stabbing into you again and again.
your body writhes under mine,
as i move closer to you.
My arms are hooked behind your back,
pulling your body up to me.
your body is pressed to mine,
not an inch between our naked flesh.
How does this feel to you?
Is it everything you wanted?
feel my body pounding into yours,
as i tangle my hands in your hair.
i jerk your head aside,
exposing the soft flesh of your throat.
you feel my teeth brushing your neck,
your shiver tells me all i need to hear.
I bite down slowly,
gently so as not harm you.
and savor the taste of your soft and warm throat
I feel your nails digging into me,
Harder, Harder,
i say, savoring the slight pain.
Tear me, rip me,
draw forth my blood.
I feel the sudden warmth on my back,
that says you obeyed.
I lose myself in the ecstasy,
as your body bucks against mine.
tear me harder my sweet,
i wish to lose myself in the pain.
My kisses trail down from your neck,
down between your sumptuous orbs.
It is there i make my next feast,
and feel your reaction.
it all becomes too great,
your moans and screams are a symphony to my ears.
In a spasm of bliss we climax,
two bodies as one.
your fluid drenches me,
my seed fills your womb.
as we pant our pleasure,
i lay down next to you.
I love you, my sweet.
we press our bodies together, and drift into sleep
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and now for something completely different
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