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 Guide Lines for Posting in the Scribe's Hall

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PostSubject: Guide Lines for Posting in the Scribe's Hall   Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:42 pm

I invite all Valians to take part and contribute to the Scribe's Hall. If you'd like to contribute any links, please keep the following Guide lines in mind:

* When posting a Link, please post your Link with a brief description.

* If your link contains Adult Material, (i.e. like the the Link to Han Li's Erotica 101), please note that it contains this under your description. CYA and all ... I love you

* Please do not post any OT links. OT Links will promptly be deleted.

* Please do not abuse the Odds and Ends category. Links placed in this category don't fit in any other category and should be justified in helping the writing process. Please be sure to indicate how this link might help in your description.

And finally ...

Please report any inappropriate or OT links to me via PM and I'll take care of them ASAP. If you're unsure about whether your link is appropriate, get it in the wrong category or can't figure out which one it belongs in, or have general questions, please PM me and I'll help you out Very Happy


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Guide Lines for Posting in the Scribe's Hall
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