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PostSubject: Ranking   Mon Nov 19, 2007 10:32 am

Illusion Vale uses a postcount system in order to attain certain ranks within the board.

These ranks are shown via Star graphics which are displayed under your name. The more stars you have filled, the higher your postcounts and the higher your rank.

There is really nothing special about rankings, however they are a way of acknowledging those that have been on the board for a long time.

The ranks are as follows.

-Upon making your first post, you will be awarded with the rank of
with no Stars filled.

-When reaching 200 posts you will be awarded with the rank of
with one Star filled.

-400 posts will see you getting a rank of
with two Stars filled.

-600 posts will see you getting a rank of
with three Stars filled.

-800 posts will see you getting a rank of
with four Stars filled.

-1000 posts will gain you the rank of
with all five Stars filled. When reaching this rank, you are able to customise your Rank. Simply put in a request to myself, the Administrator, and your Rank will be changed to what ever you wish. Should you not wish to customise it, then it will remain at 'Ascended'.

Please Note:
Those that have no Stars under their Rank have either a Special
Ranking or have reached 1000 posts and have customised their Rank.

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