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 Universes FAQs

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Lady Illusion

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PostSubject: Universes FAQs   Fri Nov 16, 2007 5:07 pm

If anybody has any questions regarding Universes, you may ask them here. Just please have a look below before you ask as your question may have already been answered.

Q: Why do I have to contact the Administrator before putting up a character biography?
A: Wraith (The Administrator) needs to know what kind of character you are willing to play. Then she can either create new Skill Sets for your character or point you towards other Skill Sets available. She can also provide you with any unwritten information about Universes that may have been missed out in any FAQ or otherwise in the Vale.

Q: Why do I have to use my Username?
A: You don't have to use your username as your character name. However, it is asked that you base your character from your username. For example: Battle Dolphin01 would obviously be some sort of combatative dolphin (named whatever you want it to be).

Q: Do I have to base my Universes character off of my Real Life Self?
A: No. Some people may choose this path, however it is not compulsory. You may have a character that is completely different to yourself. Or bring in an old character that you know and love. The only rule applying to basing characters is that you use your Username as some sort of indicator for it.

Q: Do I have to be my own gender?
A: No, you do not. If you are basing your character from your Real Life Self, then yes, obviously you're your own gender.

Q: What Races can I use?
A: You may use anything you wish. The only restriction I have is that you refrain from being human once you have migrated to Illusion Vale in Universes. You may be an extraordinary human, such as a mage or mutant. But a normal human is asked to be kept away from Universes.

Q: What weapons can I use?
A: It is up to you whether or not you bring your weapons with you when you are transported to Illusion Vale or if you make your own when here. I simply ask that you be practical about it.
For example, if you are from a human future, then bringing a blaster of some kind with you will only work for so long as it will soon lose its enegy as there is no renewable source for your weapon. Technology simply isn't that far in the Vale.
In terms of magical weapons, I would ask that if you do bring in weapons of this kind, for you to be practical and refrain from godmodding. Should you bring in an all powerful sword that can decimate mountains in one fell swoop, then that's not going to be all that fun for fellow RPer's is it?

Q: What type of powers can I have?
A: Aside from those you gain via your skill sets you may have abilities that are inherent to your character. However, before posting said abilities I would ask that you first clear them with me via a PM. This is simply to be fair to other players and to make sure that your character is not so powerful that you are in fact god modding.

Q: What is the difference between Activated and Ability Skills?
Any Universes character that has 500 posts or over can only choose FIVE (5) Skills from their available Skill Sets. This is changed Monthly, so new Skills can be added or swapped when the month is over. This rule only applies to ACTIVATED Skills. So that means any Skill which is required to be activated before use. There are Skill Descriptions stating whether they are an Activated or Ability Skill to decrease confusion.

Those with this rule applied to them must contact me with their desired 5 Skills before adding them to their Bio. There MUST only be FIVE Skills listed on their Character Page.

Current Skills which are exempt from this Rule are:

*All Valian Skills*

*Enhanced Constitution
*Herbal Knowledge
*Mastery of Strategy and Tactics
*Mastery of the Blade

TrueBlood Dragon:
*Humanoid Shapeshift
*Hardened Scales
*Skilled Flight
*Resistance (Heat)
*Resistance (Cold)

*Increased Stamina

*Air Source

Elemental Sorceress:
*Water Affinity
*Fire Affinity


*Blood Memories
*Emotional Empathy
*Lessened Hunger
*Minor Healing
*Sun Resistance
*Sexual Aura

*Copy cat
*Partial Shift

*Holy Element
*Holy Perception
*Aura Perception

*Spirit Sense

*Mineral Sense
*Strong Stance


Q: Are there any exceptions to this rule?
There is an Exemption from the Rule. The character, Wraith, is exempt because she is the Caretaker. Any and all Skills she aquires are kept as well as any special Skills which only apply to her.
Also, any special skills stated beneath your character bio by Wraith is also exempt from the 500 post rule.
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Lady Illusion

Female Number of posts : 2116
Age : 30
Location : CrazyTown. It exists. Really. It Does.

PostSubject: Re: Universes FAQs   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:10 am

Q: What are Guilds?
Guilds are places where you can gain skills or spells or abilities depending on which House you a member of. If you are not a House member, then you will only learn a general set of skills, spells or abilities.

Q: How many Guilds can I join?
You may join as many Guilds as you want. There is no limit.

Q: What are Houses?
Houses dedicate themselves to particular causes in the Vale. Descriptions of each House can be found [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Q: How many Houses can I join?
You can only join one House. Once sworn in, you may not leave that House (unless banished) or join another.

Q: What happens when I'm Banished?
You may not re-join your House or any other House. You may still join Guilds.
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Universes FAQs
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