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Lady Illusion

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PostSubject: Smooth   Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:34 am

Do you believe me?
These words I say, are they real?
Listen, can somebody tell?
These lies leave my lips so easily.

- Smooth

My mouth laughs
I do not understand.
What is this sound coming from me?
Is this real?
Tears brimming, unshed, in my glazed eyes.

The bottle tipped over, spilling liquid gold.
What is that?
Capture it! Do not let it go!

Catching it in glass, I swallow,
Making that strange noise again.
I do not understand.
This sound, it comes so easily.

- Smooth

My throat constricts as I take another acidic swallow.
I squeeze my eyes shut, tears breaking through.
Shake my head, hide my face.
I’m alright.

- Smooth

Do you believe me?
Do you know, can you tell?
These lies I spin, this world I escape to
Where I am happy and free;
The bottle never empty.

The truth.
What is that?

Much better to keep going.
Wipe the tears, choke out another laugh.
Pretend and take another swallow.

- Smooth

Can you tell?

I clawed my way back from the depths of Hell
just to piss you off
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